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     Zöe is our gregarious and sweet girl out of Moses and Darla.  She couldn’t help but become a goofy girl, as both of her parents have serious silly streaks!  While she is a very fun and outgoing dog (such a typical Golden!), she is equally gentle and kind.  She interacts with a lot of dogs and is always a little lady.  What an extraordinarily easygoing and relaxed temperament this girl has!  And earnest.  There is a sincerity in her personality that is so very unique – there is nothing more important to her than pleasing her humans. 


     Physically, Zöe is all we had hoped for as the pick of the litter out of Moses and Darla.  She has her Mama’s feminine headset with jet black pigment and a lovely pale coat.  Like both of her parents, she adores the water and is an agile swimmer. Her solid build is balanced and correct.  She is also incredibly athletic, leaping into the canal after a ball and setting the perfect pace as a running companion (she runs with Monique and sometimes clocks 40 miles per week!).  It has been a blessing to watch this girl grow from a newborn into a beautiful representation of the Golden Retriever breed.  We love our Zöe!

Hips:    "GOOD" GR-EL35837F24-VPI

Elbows:"CLEAR" GR-115855G24F-VPI

Eyes:    "CLEAR" OFA 


Heart:  "NORMAL" OFA


PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "CLEAR" 




                            some Zoe pups

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