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Tristan Head On
Tristan Profile 10
Tristan Profile 3 Years Old


     Tristan is one of those dogs who literally takes your breath away.  He has a commanding presence with a big, bold stride and a proud head carriage.  We have had horses for years and Tristan’s movement is reminiscent of a powerful dressage horse:  energy beautifully contained and evident in each step.  He is perfectly balanced, densely muscled, and luxuriously coated. 


     To the degree that he is majestic in stature, he is goofy in personality!  We love goofy dogs, as they are highly entertaining and filled with a zest for life.  That’s our boy Tristan!  He oozes happiness.  It is impossible to watch him investigate our property and not smile while doing so, because he’s such a silly guy.  He doesn’t run; he gallops.  If he sees something that resembles a ball, he romps on it with glee (even when he discovers it’s a wayward lemon, he still acts as though he’s struck gold!).  Mud?  The best!  Joy floods his face as he barrels through murky pastures.  This guy lives life to the fullest and is a huge blessing to our Nicholberry family. 


     Hailing from impeccable Scandinavian lines, Tristan had a highly successful show career in Europe before coming to us here in California.  Like so many in his lineage, Tristan achieved multi Junior Championships and multi Championships.  He is a joy to show and exudes a gregarious, endearing personality that is so typical of the Golden Retriever. 


Hips:    "FCI-A" (Cleared in Europe)

Elbows:"FCI-A" (Cleared in Europe)

Eyes:    "CLEAR" OFA


Heart:  "NORMAL" OFA


PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "CLEAR" by parentage


Tristan Stats
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My New Channel

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