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Saylor Full Body


     Beautiful, athletic, gentle, graceful. These would be just a few words with which we could describe our lovely girl Saylor. Saylor is the product of Roman (Sleepysong Shogun) and Callie (Nicholberry's Jewel of the Nile) and boasts many of the characteristics which make her parents such special dogs (both of whom are now retired). She has a beautiful, supple coat with excellent feathering and soft texture. Her pigment is pitch black, prominently displayed in her coal-rimmed eyes and unmarred nose.  This girl is quite the looker!

     Because heat cycles are unpredictable, we have been waiting for a long time now for our girl to come in season!  She is taking her time, and we are just trusting that her body knows when she will be ready to be a Mama.  We are looking forward to meeting her babies sometime in 2018!

Hips:    "GOOD" GR-119250G29F-VPI

Elbows:"NORMAL" GR-EL39027F29-VPI 

Eyes:    "CLEAR" GR-EYE9638/28F-PI

Heart:  "NORMAL" GR-ACA70/17F-VPI

PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "CLEAR" by Optigen


Saylor Stats


                              some Saylor pups

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