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Georgianna aka "Georgie"

We are utterly delighted with this sweet girl of ours. She hails from France and has a graceful way about her, petite and lovely in both her structure and personality.

Georgie's love language is touch. Other Goldens live to swim or fetch or hike. Georgie lives for her humans. She is an utterly devoted, gentle, affectionate girl who would never do anything to disappoint. It is her greatest aspiration to be "little miss perfect", and she just about is! (Other than the inability to stay in a down stay, due to her "army crawl" towards us, as she simply can't stand being so far away from us! LOL!).

She is also a fierce swimmer and fantastic walking buddy. Though petite at 55 pounds, she is extremely athletic in structure and moves fluidly. She would be a super running partner (we are not runners), as she innately stays in perfect tune with us and doesn't even need a leash for a walk (she would NEVER dream of veering away, as there is nowhere she would rather be than right next to us!).

This sweet nature is going to pair beautifully with Rufus' goofy, affable, loving nature, as he too lives for his humans (just in a much bigger body and with great zeal!). We are looking forward to welcoming their first litter together in late summer 2020 and cannot wait to meet their fabulous puppies. 

Hips:    OFA GOOD

Elbows: OFA "CLEAR"

Eyes:    OFA "CLEAR" GR-EYE18399/14F-VPI

Heart:  OFA "NORMAL" GR-CA34962/13F/C-VPI

PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "Carrier" 




                              some Georgie pups

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