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It would be nearly impossible to find a gentler, sweeter, more easygoing girl than our Tatiana. In a story that is too long to tell here, we were blessed with her as an unexpected addition from a trusted friend (breeder) in Europe. We have pinched ourselves ever since with the good fortune to have such a peaceful girl become part of our pack.


We all know people who just make us feel calmer by being in their presence – Tatiana is the dog version of that. She simply doesn’tget ruffled. Nothing is exciting enough to elicit a bark, nothing is precious enough to prompt resistance. We have nicknamed her “Little Miss Compliant”, because she is willing to do whatever it is that we humans are doing. 


Perhaps my favorite trait is the way she smiles at me while on a walk. She prances with a delightful gait, eagerly gazing up at me with a smile as if to say, “Isn’t this just the best?” She is one of those Goldens who is thrilled to be with you, thrilled to be pet, and yet content to happily chew on a toy if the humans are otherwise occupied. She is truly amazing.


She is a lovely size, as she is a bit on the smaller end of the spectrum (sixty pounds). Beautiful white eyelashes frame her doeful eyes and her coat is luxuriously soft. She is a beauty, both inside and out. We are blessed to have her as part of our breeding program, but even more, as part of our family. Can’t wait to meet her puppies, as they promise to be a very special litter.

Hips:    A/A (cleared in Europe)

Elbows:"CLEAR"(cleared in Europe)

Eyes:    "CLEAR" (cleared in Europe)

Heart:  "NORMAL(cleared in Europe)

PRA1&2:  "CLEAR"

Icthyosis:  "CARRIER" 


Tatiana Stats


                              some Tatiana pups

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