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family pic
Max and Harper 4th of July
Zander and Harper Paddleboarding (1 of 1)
Daisy: Our First Family Golden
Darla with Hannah and Boys

All About Family

       We are located in Clovis, California (halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in California's exquisite Central Valley). Our Golden Retrievers are raised on our 3 acre farm, where they have a yard built just for them to swim and play.  They hold a precious place among horses, chickens, an abundant garden, and most importantly, many children. All puppies are hand raised in our home, from the moment they are born until the moment they go to their furever families. In short, our Goldens are an integral and essential part of our family!

       We have carefully researched pedigrees and are always learning more about how best to promote the Golden Retriever breed. While English type Golden Retrievers are distinctive in their conformation from their American counterparts, they are not English Cream Golden Retrievers or White Golden Retrievers. They are Golden Retrievers! At Nicholberry Goldens, our focus is on temperament and health, with a particular passion for raising puppies who are suitable for doing therapy work.

       Like so many, we have suffered great heartache at the early loss of our dogs due to cancer (one of whom was our sweet Daisy girl, pictured here with our boys). To the degree that we can, it is our mission to spare families from such a painful experience. We aspire to raise Goldens who will live a long and healthy life and rigorously make all choices with that end in mind. 






















Brian and I both come from a family of green thumbs. Brian grew up in the Great Lakes region, where the 6 children in his family were responsible for maintaining the Nichols Garden. I grew up in the beach town of Ventura, California, where my mother’s obsession with plants and gardening rubbed off on me. When Brian and I got married, we dreamed of owning our own little farm, where we could grow a gigantic garden, as well as raise children, horses, dogs and any other kind of animal that came our way! In 2004, our dream came true and even now, we pinch ourselves that we actually get to live in such a wonderful home. It’s not fancy, but it’s perfect for us. We simply love it! As for “Nicholberry,” the name is very dear to our hearts. For years, Brian’s father and step-mother sent us homemade jam at Christmas. Our family rejoiced whenever the box arrived from Oregon, because it contained the coveted little jar bearing the name, “Nicholberry Jam.” When Brian’s father lost his fight to diabetes in 2006, we both felt convicted that we should name our little farm in his honor. Thus, “Nicholberry Farms.”


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