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Current Puppies

     Please contact us for available puppies. All of the puppies on our current litter are spoken for.  Our wait lists are usually full 6 months in advance, so we are not the breeder to contact if you are looking for a pup RIGHT NOW. (But we certainly understand the urgency of wanting the patter of paws in the home!).  Occasionally, a family on our wait list will have a change of circumstances, resulting in a puppy becoming available unexpectedly. Otherwise, our Nicholberry families are a patient pack! If you are looking for a pup before then, I may know of a pup available from a trusted breeder. Please email about wait list status.

     Recently, I have received email from families asking whether our puppies are English Cream Golden Retrievers, since we call them English Golden Retrievers. I am becoming an expert at answering this question! In short, we breed English Golden Retrievers who have been imported from Europe and who are bred according to the European standard. This standard varies significantly from the American standard (commonly thought of as leggy, leaner, and often with darker coats). Puppies who are sold as English Cream Golden Retrievers or White Golden Retrievers typically share the European lines and those depictions are more marketing phrases than anything else. A Golden Retriever in Europe is registered as a "Golden Retriever" and a Golden Retriever in the U.S. is registered as a "Golden Retriever." There is no technical title such as English Cream Golden Retriever or White Golden Retriever (nor for that matter English Golden Retriever). Within the breeding community, we tend to refer to the Goldies bred to the European standard as English Golden Retrievers (puppies often look like little polar bears and as adults, people commonly describe them as having white coats, thicker bones, shorter legs and blocky head). Thus, when asked, I say that I breed English Golden Retriever puppies! I hope that helps more than muddles ... :) 

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