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Meet Monique!

     One of the greatest blessings in the growth of Nicholberry Goldens has been the opportunity to work hand in hand with our dear friend, Monique. She lives 10 minutes away from us and is a gifted trainer. If you are interested in having your puppy trained, please let us know well in advance, as Monique is typically booked long before a litter is born.


     In her one month board and train program, she uses love and consistency to do the following: instill basic obedience (sit, stay, down stay, come, fetch); undergo intense socialization (daily field trips to a variety of places, insuring that puppy is exposed to different smells, places and people); establish with the crate; create a potty training routine (which the family can then execute with consistency in their own home once puppy finishes training). This head start does wonders and enables a family to follow a predictable routine, thereby making puppy rearing infinitely easier! The cost of the one month board and train program is $3500.


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