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We imported our girl Junie from Canada, along with her brother who is now owned by my veterinarian. It has been such fun to watch the two of them grow and see how different they are! Such a testament to genetics and the way coloring can come through differently in different pups (and a reminder that Goldens carry a range of color in their DNA, from cream to gold). Her brother is extremely pale - even lighter than Rufus. But Junie developed this rich gold along the top of her body that is absolutely gorgeous. And while she is on the petite end of the breed standard (55 pounds), her brother is on the larger end of the male standard (75 pounds). But one thing is true of them both: they are the quintessential Golden Retriever. We welcomed Junie's first litter at the end of 2022 and were wowed by her natural mothering skills and the sweet, gentle, affectionate nature of her puppies. Several are being raised for therapy work and we know that they will pass their exams with flying colors. We can't wait to meet the other pups that Junie will bring into this world and are so grateful that this little beauty is a part of our breeding program.

Link to Junie's CHIC on OFA

Junie L1W1.jpg
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