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Waldo is an incredibly special addition to our breeding program, as he was chosen to pair with the Rufus girls we keep (like Poppins). Because we want to perpetuate Rufus' lines, and because we deeply believe in the value of diverse genetics (we don't line breed), we wanted a boy who would complement Rufus' structure and temperament. Goodness, did we ever get it in our Waldo.


Obviously, he is gorgeous. One of the hallmarks of our boys has been their sizable heads (starting with Moses) and Waldo carries on that tradition beautifully. But his temperament! Oh my. He is every bit as affable, affectionate, and goofy as Rufus is, with a good naturedness that is hard to put in words. If you are lucky enough to meet him, you will see that he is instantly best friends with every human who crosses his path.

Kindness is settled deep in this boy's bones. 

Link to Waldo's OFA CHIC Clearances

Waldo Body.jpg
Waldo Lambchop.jpg
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