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Oh, what a dream come true this sweet girl is. She was Ms. Yellow from Lollie's last litter with Rufus and she is an extraordinary combination of her mom and dad. She is just about as close to perfect as a Golden can get! Like her mama, Poppins is gentle and sweet and kind. She loves serving with Lollie in all sorts of therapy dog capacities, from visiting police officers to reading with children, she is love in fur. Like her dad, she is gregarious and just a little goofy. And like him, her tail is ever-wagging! We had high hopes for the puppy we kept out of Lollie and Rufus and Poppins has exceeded every one of them. What a gift this girl is to the people in her world and to the families who receive one of her pups.

Poppins' OFA Clearances

Poppins 1.jpg
Boston BW.jpg
Poppins L1W1.jpg
Poppins Puppy.jpeg
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