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Family Testimonies

     While we love holding and cuddling puppies, there is no greater reward in this puppy rearing endeavor than witnessing the joy that these precious furbabies bring to their furever families.  What a gift.  Whenever I receive updates from our families, it feels like Christmas in my Inbox! I am continually astonished by the way Goldens bring laughter and love into their families, and we feel profoundly humbled that families choose us to raise their next family member. It is an honor that we do not take lightly.

     Never did we imagine the kinds of people we would come to know through our Goldens - our Nicholberry pack is filled with the most generous, kind, tender-hearted people who give these beautiful puppies an extraordinary life.  We are grateful beyond measure and are delighted to share some of these lovely families with you.   

Summer in Los Angeles

Hi Kerry,
We haven’t created Summer’s Insta feed yet, but here she is at our home.  She is the sweetest, gentlest, perfect puppy.  Thank you so much for giving her a beautiful start.   

Scout in Santa Barbara

Hi Kerry,


To say we are in love is an understatement. He is perfection! Teak is really enjoying him and they are slowly figuring each other out. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the most special boy. 

Mica in Idaho


I’m sure you are facing an amazingly quiet evening tonight.  Want you to know how much we appreciate you as Mica’s breeder as Mica is very confident and doing great in his transition to our home.  Mica is normally sleeping 9:30 p.m. until 6 or this morn 6:30 a.m., which is wild for a puppy and Greatly Appreciated!! 🤣 We do say it is such a Blessing that we have a Full House of 20 year olds to help care for/tire out Mica and also how Beautifully Lucy plays with Mica to tire him out during the day.  Lucy is doing so well with Mica! Mica also goes into his Crate very willingly 3-4x/day for 1.5-2 hours as he so needs his down time.  Mica is Very Busy, a Lover, and Very Confident indeed!  Our kids have been training him with the Clicker/treats  every day, and Mica is sitting very well thus far.  Joe did this training with Lucy and now following the Virtual Training you recommended with Mica.  Mica loves, loves his food treats!  

So Appreciate  you, Kerry!!

C and the Simpsons 

Dutch in San Mateo, CA

Hi Kerry. 

I just wanted to let you know how amazing Dutch is.  He was worth every minute waiting for him and every penny.  He is beautiful, calm, eager to please, silly, and loving.  He is such a good boy - easily trained, doesn't chew stuff, goes with the flow (which sometimes means just hanging in the car chauffeuring the boys around).  He is everything I had hoped for and I thank you for picking him for us.

My husband and I argue if he looks more like his mom or dad. I say Rufus. 

Thank you for bringing him to us ️️️️


Yuki the Therapy Dog


Tomorrow Yuki goes for testing to become a therapy dog for Scripps hospital. So, today he went to the groomers to have a bath. Yuki is my fifth golden retriever. The groomer, who I have known for a very long time now, told me how very secure and confident a dog he is. He's not at all high strung. She said she can tell from the very beginning of his life he had a lot of hands-on attention and a lot of interacting with various people. She, who has been a groomer for you 20 years, said she is really impressed with his behavior and confidence and not at all surprised he is an excellent therapy dog. I remember talking to you when Yuki's litter was born. You told me one of the littermates passed away so there were three puppies only. You told me he will get even more attention than normal because the litter was small and it would be to his benefit for his entire life.  You set the foundation of his personality and we have continued building on this foundation.  I thought you would like hearing what the groomer said.


Looking forward to the fall when we welcome a puppy into our family!!




Charlie in New Hampshire

We are very fortunate to have one of your Golden's, Charlie (Moses/Tessa June 2012). He is our seventh Golden over a sixty year period and if not the best certainly tied for the best with our fifth Golden who coincidently was named Moses. Charlie is by far the best looking and most fun dog we have ever had. He is personalty plus and still very much a puppy at age 7. Sorry to see your Moses won't be in the puppy business any longer. He certainly fathered some great dogs. Hope you escaped the recent fires.

Bailey in Newport Beach

Hi Kerry!
Sorry this took so long!  It has been a tiring first week, not just because it was Bailey’s first week but it was also trying to “train” the kids in how to treat Bailey!  But he is absolutely perfect and we adore him!!  The kids are having SO much fun with him and he has completely embedded himself in our family!  

Again, he is the perfect mix for our family- spurts of energy and yet times of relaxation. He settles and is calm and we can just enjoy his presence be and when he is energized, he is ready to play!  I have been telling everyone how wonderful you guys are as breeders and the immense amount of work you put into each puppy!  Thank you so much for all you have done to help us find the perfect puppy/dog for our family!

All the best,

Sydney in Marblehead

Hello Folks-

Hope all is well. Approximately 9 years ago we were fortunate enough to purchase the best dog in the world (Sydney.. picture below) from you. Since day 1 Sydney has been an absolute joy and we never could have imagined how blessed we would become with her around our home. Sydney is still very active ( although she just had ACL surgery from chasing a rabbit) and loves going for hikes, swimming in the ocean or playing with our children. We are starting to really consider adding a second Sydney to our life’s and we are curious about possible puppies you may have or are on the way. My family wants to say thank you for the gift you gave to us and we only would consider another English creme from you!!!

Thanks Again

Katy & Joe

Nancy in Northern California

Hi Kerry and Mo,


We are so THANKFUL for our Nancy. We can't even put into words how grateful we are to you for bringing her into our lives. In Julia's own words, they are best friends. 


Did you know she would be so perfect for us?! We hear people all the time saying how their Golden puppies are so active and tireless. Not our Nancy! We remember telling you that we hoped for a dog who would be fine chilling out when I need to work from home a lot of the time, but who could play when it is time to play. She is so calm! So laid back, even as a puppy. We would never describe her as tireless. Yet, she can play with the best of them when she has another nice doggie to play with. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our sweet joy. She's perfect.

Lily in Arroyo Grande

Hi Kerry

I hope this email finds you well and managing all those puppies!!  I just wanted to give you a little Lily update.


She is SUCH A WONDERFUL DOG!!  We could not ask for better.  Now 7 1/2 months old, weighs 50#, hopefully stops at #60..ha ha... She is sooooooooo good natured, she is very smart and learns and remembers well, she is obedient (ha ha most of the time), and loves loves loves her life we think.  She goes a lot of “bye bye” places with us, she WALKS EVERYDAY for an HOUR, few days a week she walks 6 short hills with us and other days a few longer ones, she is a trooper!!  She is obviously in good shape.  I love having a walking companion again, even my husband takes her for a shorter “extra” walk in the afternoons.  She has been to a local dog park, she goes to “doggy daycare” once a week and plays all day to exhaustion., gives us a break and she loves it, best $18/day I ever spent, ha ha.  She has been to our family lake cabin twice and took her first swim in the lake... She is very socialized, loves playing with other dogs AND due to that when we are walking in town and passing many dogs, she does NOT go bananas, just walks right by...yeah!!  But I did take her to 4 sessions with a private trainer in town who did amazing things with us and the training was fantastic, things I never knew before even with 3 other goldens in our life.  She took to training well and she walks beautifully on the leash, right by our side, watches us, walks right by dogs, people, etc, with the occasional jump at a butterfly or lizard, ha ha...


She loves our yard, does her one or two “zoomies” around our large yard everyday, behind the apple bush, through her tunnel, behind the tall bushes, jumps into her “sand/digging” box, around the cherry tree, jumps down off the deck into the drain area, and then back to the porch to jump up onto her raised dog bed, ha ha, then proceeds to take a nap.  She loves her crate, sleeps from 10 pm to 7 pm most days now, yeah!!...She is so beautiful, people everywhere comment on how pretty she is!!  And she is, she is a Nicholberry!!  I have referred you to those that are interested in a white golden., a few already.  She is very white, is so sweet and she is quite a “calm” dog.  Other than the zoomies, taking her long walk and doing some errands, maybe going to a special place, she is relaxed and loves to hang out in the house or in the yard.  We are so glad we hung in there when she was young and so much work and loss of sleep and stressful, IT WAS SO WORTH IT”,  but you were right, ‘PUPPIES ARE HARD”, WHOA, we forgot.  But I think the hard part is finally over... You have such a wonderful breeding program with such excellant dogs!!!  Keep up the outstanding work.


PS your program of choosing the dog for the prospective owner is a good thing, we are proof positive it works!  You chose soooo right for us, a perfect match!!!!!  We are so in love with our precious Lily.



Thank you,


Cavan in San Jose

Hi Kerry!

This is so overdue, hard to believe Cavan and his bros and sisters are now a year and half . 

It’s been such a amazing journey watching the little 6 pounder grow into to this BiG , majestic beautiful dog. 

He’s everything you said he was going to be and I have no doubt my little Angel Kelly had her hand in the timing bringing Mr. Chocolate to me. 

Our conversation so clear when we spoke how we just knew he was meant for me. 

We are inseparable! He loves “his” truck, he lets me drive . He loves everyone and every dog. He’s so social and he’s a magnet for other dogs to become best buddies. Matters not the size , breed or sex, he befriends them all. 

We have seen other Cream English retrievers and they are beautiful , but Cavan is so white and so majestic we get stopped every where we go! I am constantly telling people about you and your family and how much love goes into each and every puppy before they go to their forever home. 

I want to take you for giving me such a life changing gift .
You truly hold a special place in my heart. 

Happy Thanksgiving Kerry ! 
My heart to yours, 
~Julie and Cavan 

Dakota in Northern California


A LONG overdue email letting you know how much we love Dakota. She is
truly the most patient, sweet, easily trained, mellow, playful dog I
have ever known.  Teagan (our son) who is 15 months crawls all over
her, and Dakota patiently lets him.  The other day I was doing dishes,
and I look over and Teagan is “inspecting” Dakota’s teeth, and Dakota
is just laying there, letting him curl her lips up to look (the poor
girl).  I often take Dakota with me on errands, and she will wait just
outside the door of stores, not tied up, laying there patiently
waiting - that’s without much training on our part. She is truly THE

We often see Nico, and we trade off watching each other’s dogs when
out of town; it is so fun to see how much Dakota and Nico love each

Anyway, I have recommended your name more times than I can count and
just wanted you to know how much we love our sweet girl.

I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday.


Kona in San Jose

She has been exactly as you described her, “Quietly confident”. We were able to bond with her all weekend and she has settled in nicely this week. We keep her up for a while before bed and she sleeps from about 10PM-6AM with not even one whine or cry over night! We have been able to introduce her to play with a ton of friends and family of all shapes and sizes, 2 great/gentle older dogs, and a successful vet trip already. Her manding is already amazing and she just today has seemed to figure out her name.

Here are some fun photos of her so far that we haven’t posted yet on Instagram. She is a beauty and we are loving every moment with her!


Matt & Kalei

Leo in Southern California

About Leo, where to start!!! Let me just say, if he didn’t  have a tail, I would consider him a human. He is potty trained, crate trained, follows lot of commands like sit, stand, watch me while standing, leave it, come when treats are thrown in the opposite direction etc. But the main thing that is so special about him is his ability to talk to us. One day, he was attached to the crate, and was barking , I asked what he wanted without expecting any response of course and lo and behold, he pointed his head towards the backyard door twice, I did not tell anyone because I thought they will think I am crazy. Then one day I asked “Do you need to go outside ?? “ And my son screamed at me saying “Did he just nod?”I was so relieved that other people can see him doing things too. Yesterday, his toy was inside the crate and he was barking at me. I said “Leo what do you want?” He came close to the crate, raised his paw and touched the exact area in the crate where the toy was. I took the toy out and he happily started playing with it. 

Lastly this morning my husband got busy with his work, and skipped their play time. Leo came to him with his rope toy in his mouth and started shaking his head to remind my husband that he forgot to play tug of war with him. Pranab left everything and started playing with him..

I wanted to let you know Kerry that Leo is very special and we will forever be grateful for choosing him for us.


Charlie in Boston

Just a short note to tell you how much we have enjoyed our six year old Charlie (Moses/Tessa 6/27/12). I read your description of Moses and it could have been Charlie with one exception; he does let us know when someone comes to the house that he does not recognize. That's fine with us because as soon as we say that's ok he quiets right down. He is our seventh Golden (# 5 was named Moses) and we both agree the best. Fabulous personalty, very loving and funny with his antics. We just love him. Thank you so much for picking Mr Lime out of the litter and flying him to Boston for us.

Rugby in San Francisco

Hi Kerry and the Nichols family! 


We are LONG overdue on an update on our little Rugby munchkin. There's no other way to put it - other than he is absolutely perfect. Ivy (our 5 year old golden) and him are best friends, he just graduated puppy with flying colors and he's the perfect, mellow pal to take to work during the day. 


He LOVES all types of people (especially little kids!) and is warming up to playtime with other puppies (he loves big dogs, but puppies for some reason may have a little too much energy for him! haha!). We've been taking him to a socialization playtime in the city, and every time we see improvement on how fast he wants to play with the others. He's perfected fetch and is in the process of perfecting potty training (only 1 or 2 accidents a week at most!). He's a great city dog too - not afraid of any noises (trucks, there was even an air show here this weekend and he was great!) and is getting better on a leash every day. 


Most of all, he is one big cuddle bug and loves sleeping on his sister Ivy or us (and does the cutest groans while napping -- which I read and I think that's a Moses thing too? So adorable!). Attached are some photos of this little guy! 


Thanks again for breeding these incredible puppies! 


Talk soon, 

Olivia + Will

Grady in Napa

Dear Kerry,
I can’t express how heavenly it is to finally have my Nicholberry pup Grady!!
He is the sweetest little guy ever & I feel so lucky to call him my boy!!
Each day I fall in love him more.....
I was looking back at emails & I spoke to you about a pup in Jan 2016 - 2 3/4 years ago.
I think I appreciate him more because it was such a long journey getting him.
And I am just thrilled I decided to have Mo train him for the 1st month, although it was so hard to leave him that Sat when I met you, Max & Grady for the 1st time!!
As he gets more comfy in his new home, I am discovering what a wonderful foundation Mo (and you with the Puppy Culture) gave him and I am able to build on that solid foundation!!
My last 2 dogs have been rescues with many behavioral & physiological issues. It is such a delight to have such a solid, well-rounded & sociable little guy. I feel like I’m starting with this beautiful “clean slate.”
And unless you’re rescued a neglected & damaged pup you really can’t appreciate the difference your Nicholberry pup brings to a family!!
I can’t thank you enough - I so believe in what you do!! Your dedication to breeding healthy pups with amazing temperaments is 
nothing short of fabulous!!!!
Thank You - Thank You
XOXO Nancy

Nancy in Northern California

Our Nancy girl is simply amazing. She's perfect!


Nancy is quiet but confident. She seems totally comfortable at home with us. We stayed home on Sunday to help her adjust and get the feel of the place and she did so beautifully. She had a visit from Grandpa and from a neighbor family. She met Tux the cat. Nancy was no more interested in Tux than anything else, and this suited Tux fine. He is curious and skeptical of her but seems to be accepting her without objection. Must be Tux's fond memories of his big brother Toby helping with his acceptance of his new little sister. Nancy also met our Roomba vacuum, and again, accepted that with ease (and treats).

Thank you for our little Angel.


The first night in the crate was pretty rough. She showed us that she can have a big girl voice! But she settled in eventually. I thought we'd be in for a repeat performance on night 2 but I was wrong. Nancy didn't muster a peep and slept comfortably all night long, minus the potty breaks. WOW!!!


Her favorite chew toys are her pig ear, her Moose Kong Cozie (thank you!) and her own foot. Her favorite pastime is napping. When she's awake, she bounces around like a bunny. She's very good at manding...impressive! She's got a funny little head bobble, just like a bobble head doll, that we think is too cute. 


Her field trip today was to the vet. She slept through it. Too bad she didn't get to hear the vet and the whole staff going totally gaga over her.

Kodiak in Fresno


           Kodiak is doing very well.  He graduated basic training (with Emily Scott) at 10 weeks because he had “learned it all.”  His intermediate training starts in September.  Meanwhile, he likes agility games.  He has an obstacle course that involves a tunnel, hurdles, a podium (to sit on top of), slalom poles, and a kiddie pool.  

            Kodi attends puppy socialization at Elaine’s (with Emily) and at Waterhouse (with Ali Imel).  When Ali first met Kodi, she told him to touch – he did, then sit – he did, then down – he did, then shake – he did.  She then said: “he’s a Nicholberry, isn’t he?”  You have a reputation for smart puppies!  

            Kodi has learned to ride in a golf cart.  He has lunch at the club restaurant several days a week. He goes on errands with Steve.  He spends one morning a week at my work visiting the employees.  They adore him.

            Kodi’s health has been great.  We had a few days of diarrhea last week, but all lab tests came back normal.  I think he may have just been over stimulated.  So, we limited his social life for a couple of days.  He is fine now.

            He sleeps through the night (in his crate in our bedroom) and has done so since we got him.  For a while,  I woke him up a couple of times each night to take him out to potty.  Emily, though, suggested I just let him sleep.  So, I do – and he does. 

            He likes Jonas, and Jonas has learned to play gently (so as not to hurt him - there is a 55 pound difference between them).  He likes Sunny, but Sunny is almost 12-years old and sleeps most of the day.  Sunny pretty much ignores Kodi and Kodi does not seem to mind.    

            All is great!  


Keoki in Michigan

Keoki continues to bring such joy to our lives.  He is so letting the girls play dress up and waiting patiently for his doggie cupcake on his 5th birthday while we took a ton of photos!  He also is totally his daddy’s dog as Keoki’s favorite thing in life, even above food, is swimming in the lake.  This boy will not leave the water the whole time we’re there!  Last time there were some pretty good size waves and Keoki still kept swimming and then turning back for more. One lady approached me and said “I think he’s having more fun than anyone else here!”  So true!!!  When we walk the shore looking for Indian beads, he will swim in the water along side us but won’t dare get out!  He is definitely Moses’ boy!!


Thanks again for this beautiful, sweet, patient, water lovin boy!!

Figgy in Fresno

Hi Kerry!

Just wanted to let you know little Figgy is doing beautifully.  He’s not so little anymore!  He is an absolute delight, so sweet, gentle & precious.  I cannot believe how mellow he is.  My son Max adores him and he asks “where’s Figgy?” from the time he wakes up in the morning until bedtime.  
Figgy is such a traffic stopper.  He is fussed over everywhere we take him and people are so excited to learn he’s a local boy.  The socialization field trips are the best advertising you could ever ask for.   
Last week at his puppy class we met a 4 month old nicholberry boy named  Kodiak.  He had a lovely owner from Madera and her name escapes me.  

Anyways i’ll send more pics and updates.  Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him and to say thank you! 

Ps- can’t believe how well he’s doing with our 2 cats.  They were all napping on the floor next to each other a few days ago, it was precious! 

Kenzie in Granite Bay

Hi Kerry,

It has been years since we sent you any pics of Kenzie who was the one girl in the large litter of boys on July 27, 2013. Just wanted to let you know this dog is INCREDIBLE. She is truly the sweetest best dog we could have asked for and is such a blessing to our family. We love her to pieces and she is obsessed with stuffed animals. 

Thank you for these amazing dogs.

Hope you are well.


Shannon & Ryan

Nico in Northern California

Kerry and Monique,
Every day we celebrate our puppy and we will always be grateful to you both, Moses and Lucy for bringing Nico to us. He is the love of our life!
Denise and Michael

Ryder in Southern California

Hello Kerry,

Happy New Year and I hope this finds you and the family in radiant health and good cheer. As in previous emails we stated we were looking into getting a female little sister for our dear Ryderwho will be 4 now in July! He is the best thing that ever came into our lives and he has become such an amazing dog on all levels imaginable. I have been taking him around to hospitals and elderly facilities as a comfort dog to those who need his gentle ways and kisses. He brightens the lives of so many in pain and loneliness. Its amazing how many peoples lives are touched by his demeanor and gentleness. ...Blessings you all and give my best to Monique.. 


Warmest regards,



Max in New York

Dear Kerry;

I don't know how you do it, but you've given us boundless joy in our Mr Green aka Max!

He is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest dog. He is gorgeous!!! We are so lucky and blessed. 

Our trainer wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. 

Many times We stop and look at him. He's really ours!!  

He is a treasure we may share with others. He would be an excellent therapy dog. It would be a blessing to share him with sick kids and elderly people. 

Thank you for our Max!!!


Helen and the entire Pasternack family.

Jolie in Laguna Beach, California

Hi Ladies,

Jolie is such an awesome dog! She's such a love! She stayed in her travel crate all the way home. We didn't get home until 6 pm but there was hardly a whimper. ... She is getting used to her slow eat bowls and it's a good thing we are using them because I think she'd inhale her food. She has not had one accident in the house or in her crate. She didn't cry through the night but only whimpered once! She was up at 1 am, 4 am and 6 am and seems to have gotten the "potty" word down. She even pooped after breakfast! We have toys and an elk antler for her and she's beginning to play with them. She chews the antler and then backs away and barks at it. She's so cute! Right now she's tired and sleeping between her toys. She's so very perfect for us and we thank you so much for the awesome beginning you've given her!
Hugs, Mary and Joe

Luka in Colorado

Hi Kerry! 
How are you? Wanted to update you on Luka (Darla/Moses). Can't believe he's 4 years old now. He's happy, healthy, and very well loved. We still live in Colorado and he gets outside everyday. He loves to run, explore the trails, swim, climb mountains. There's open space right behind our house that leads to endless trails. We are so thankful to have him in our lives. Thank you! 
Unfortunately, we lost our older Golden a couple months ago. He was 13 and had a long and amazing life. We are missing him dearly but are also now thinking about adding another puppy to the mix. We love having two dogs around. So we were wondering what you have available for future litters that would be good fit for us? We are expecting it may be a while. 
Hope you are all well! 

Thanks, Meghan, John and Luka

Luna in Santa Barbara & CO

Hi Kerry- Well, little Luna is just the most beautiful dog in all ways...not only is she drop dead gorgeous but we are hugely proud of how smart, mellow and all-around -fantastic she is. We are so grateful to you for breeding such fabulous dogs!!! Luna was hob-nobbling with the Dallas Cowboys last week at a party!  and she is on her way to the Colorado ranch Thursday for the first time in X's plane...he is such a proud Pappa! Regards, Michele

Paddington in New York

Kerry  -- I hope all is well with you. Paddington is doing well in NYC and has made lots of friends in Central Park.

Charlie in Ohio

Hi Kerry,


Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is a delight; we love him dearly and he has acclimated well.  He’s learning all the basics and has had very few accidents in the house.  He is sound asleep beneath my desk right now. 


He has already been on 5 plane rides!  He is now enjoying our gorgeous fall weather in Northwest Ohio…  

Many thanks again, Elena

Dirty Dutch in Arizona

He might have also sneaked into a horse stall to roll around in some mud and manure while they were turned out. He of course is denying the allegations. Lol. 


Squints in Roseville, California

Hi ladies!

Will and I celebrated our little guy Squints' first birthday this past month, and we just wanted to thank you guys again for giving us such a beautiful, kind-hearted, goofy, smart, (and sometimes mischievous) little guy that gives our household so much life!

Here are some of our favorite photos of our Nicholberry Golden (and as promised, a pic with him at the firehouse!):


We love him to pieces and couldn't have imagined ourselves with any other dog but him. Thanks again for finding us the perfect furry addition to our family!

Julie & William

Wilson in San Francisco

Wilson is a regular at the park, beach and restaurants all over the city.  He loves everyone and is the talk of the town.  He has also become an avid swimmer, diving over waves to retrieve sticks.  We are having a lot of fun and doing our best to train him daily.  More updates to come!

Cali in Oahu, Hawaii

Hi Kerry,


Today was the fifth time I was stopped in public and asked for our breeder's info.  I sure hope that some of these are getting back to you as we tell them all about how great you were with Cali.


Cali has exceeded our wildest hopes.  Her temperament is perfect, really unbelievable.  She has learned her new name, no longer needs to stay in the crate at night or when we leave.  She enjoys five days a week running with her other friends and has gotten some very good obedience training.  


Just wanted to reach out again and say thank you for everything.


James & Kate

Riley in San Clemente, California

I love him so much and he's THE BEST dog ever. My son says he wants another one so that he can feed it and walk it from the beginning and it will love him as much as Riley loves me. Lol


Calvin Klein in Boston, MA

Hard to believe Calvin has only been part of our family for 5 years. What a fabulous addition he has been.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Debra and Steven

Hollie May in Northern California

Hi Kerry,

Our precious girl is now 8 months old. She has learned so much in such a short time. She is in her second training class. She is so smart, lovable, playful and wanting our love and attention all of the time. She is just the companion that we dreamed of having. You really know what your doing when you pick a specific puppy for a family.

Kerry, you really get these pups off to a good start in just the short period of time that they are with you. You keep their minds stimulated with all the games you have them play. I especially like the empty two litter bottles in the plastic kiddy pool with treats hidden at the bottom. That must be so much fun for them. And then you desensitize them to scary sounds that they will probably hear during their lifetime. What you do for these puppies is nothing short of amazing. Your love for them is amazing, but it makes you so happy for them to go home with their forever families. You are a very special person, Kerry Nichols.

We can not thank you enough for our girl Hollie. She is the best and yes we get stopped often and asked about her breed. She is told repeatedly by strangers how beautiful she is, which is true. We love her with all our hearts and she will always be our precious little girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With much love and gratitude,
Jim and Norma

Charlie in Laguna Beach, CA

Hi Kerry- took a quick video of Bella and Charlie to share with you. 
Bella is very sweet with Charlie. Very gently plays tug of war and tries to avoid those sharp teeth! Charlie is doing great. Went to puppy socialization class last week and did great. Youngest but not timid at all! He is very busy but then takes a three hour nap and then back at it again! Everything goes in his mouth so constantly pulling things out of mouth. Loves his treats! Responds to his name, doing great at recall unless he is really fascinated with something and of course is great at manding with those soulful eyes. 
He is growing so fast but I am definitely watching how much food he is getting. 
So all is well and want to thank you so much for the perfect little guy you chose for us!
Best, Liz

Moose in Oregon

Hi Kerry,
Our happy, wet Moosie —17 months!
It’s been so fun watching him get better control of those long legs and body.  He went from the lovable doofus at the park, chasing the ball and tumbling head-over-tail when he overshot it —every time—to the athletic, powerful, graceful dog running full speed after seagulls and waves this weekend!  Such a joy in our lives. ❤️


Hi Kerry,

Sorry it's taken so long to reach out to you with a Watson update but it has been crazy. Where to start.....

Omg is all I can say as Watson is so perfect. You weren't kidding when you said he loves food haha...he loves food and because of that easy to train. His favorite places are in front of the fridge and staring at his bowl hoping that magically food will appear. 
Watson is so curious and loving and really doesn't understand the concept of personal space as laying on you is his thing ( exactly what we asked for) a big lap dog. Definitely a bed hog but we love it...slept in our bed from day 1:)
When he is out on his walks and gets nervous by a sound or anything, he immediately sits and analyzes if it's safe to move's so cute and when he is ready to move on he almost prances as he's so proud that he isn't scared anymore. Lol

He brings us so much joy and is a neighborhood favorite already. Everywhere we go we are asked about where we got him and we brag about your family and process and tell everyone to go to your website. I'm so sad that we weren't able to meet but we are already talking about a playmate down the road:)maybe in a couple of years.

Thank you so much for Watson, he is truly a blessing and we are so happy that he is a part of our family.
Smith family

Nico in Northern California

Hi Kerry,

Wanted to let you know that our sweet boy Nico is another certified therapy dog from the Nicholberry lineage. Nico and I volunteer at Family House twice a month cheering up the kids and adults as well.

Tadi in California

Hi Kerry


I hope this finds you well and enjoying all your pups!  First off, I SOOOOOO enjoy your instagram posts —I'm not a big social media person, but when I go on there I LOVE seeing all the adorable photos ( and dogs and pups) you post!!!   It makes me really want to get another puppy!!!  And second, I thought I’d send a few photos of our darling 3 year old TADI!!!  We all love her to pieces and she is such a joyful, well-behaved and easy going dog…..most of the time — the rest of the time she’s a full on pig that has rolled in mud, muck, or some other highly scented mess — usually just after a bath :o)  and oh how happy she is!!  She is our perfect dog and has definitely got herself a comfy lifestyle and has each of us “hu-mans" wrapped around her paw…..

Thank you for doing what you do so we can enjoy this beautiful bundle of love!!



warmest new year wishes — The Pole Family

Rollie in Northern California

Had you told my mom I would pretty much be potty trained and sleeping through the night within a week, she would have hit Dad up for another one of us 😉 I am AMAZING!!! -Rollie

Indie in California

We are having a great time with Indie. He is full of energy and so lovable. Over the past week he has attended puppy kindergarten, gone on field trips everyday to meet new people including visiting brother Ross at his high school.  Lots of new friends to meet there. Hand sanitizer was diligently used.  Indie never touched the ground. Yesterday was shots, stool analysis and beginning heart worm and flea meds.  Indie continues to be very healthy and happy. No reaction to shots or meds. He is 15.6 pounds.
So much fun!  Thank you for taking such great care of him. It really shows.

Moose in Oregon

Hi Kerry,
Moose is certainly growing into his name!  He is a beautiful, sensitive boy, and is adjusting to life in rainy Salem, OR.  He loves splashing--rolling-- in mud puddles and watching birds.  No more mountain snow treks out our backyard, but we are an hour to the coast and he LOVED his first trip to the ocean.
So enjoy all your pics!

Max and Charley in Austin, TX

Haha! I had this crate made and it's their most popular dog crate ever haha! They are celebrities 😂😂😂

Pearl in California

Hi Kerry,


We have the sweetest and smartest puppy!  Pearl is exactly what we asked for.  You did pick the girl for us!!  She is bright, quick to learn, very energetic and curious, I can’t describe how sweet she is and affectionate.  I have never met a dog that likes to be near her people so much so that she can’t get close enough.  She’s a leaner.  


We turned on the lawn sprinklers for the first time just to see if they were working.  I went into the back yard to find Pearl running through them with such delight!  She was amazed to see water coming from the ground??  Which is funny because she runs from me at bath time and now I know how to get her clean.


She is great when I take her to work.  She greets people (still training her not to jump – but she is only 6 months old). Mostly she sleeps on the couch when not outside.  I wish I was able to get more video of her in the river, she is a natural.  Operator error prevented me from getting some good swimming shots.  She’s the youngest and strongest swimmer out of all of our Goldens.


As for her beauty, she has huge eyes and watches everything, she has a beautiful square head we always love to see in a golden, her coat is soft and thick, her legs are long and she’s already getting her tail feathers.  She runs like a gazelle and jumps over large logs at her young age.  


She listens very well (most of the time) and sits before food or a treat.  She learned that early.   If you bring out a biscuit she tries to figure out which trick you want her to do and does the last one she learned first.  Michael took her to the cabin by herself and when they came home the next day she saw me and Daisy.  She went back and forth deciding which one to greet first.  After I gave her one little kiss she ran to Daisy and you would think she was gone weeks.  She was so gentle dancing around her and you could see how happy she was to be with her again.  We can’t think of a better dog for us, she brings us so much happiness.


We lover her so much!!  



Brie in Laguna Beach, California

Hello Kerry,


I have attached some photos of the day we picked up Brie. Would you pass these along to the family that was there at the same time. Also please give them my e-mail address in the event they would like to exchange pictures of their pup from time to time. We could then see how they are changing.. Feel free to give my contact information to the others that picked up a pup that day. Maybe they would like to share progress with us and we would with them.


Brie is full of energy and she has lots of fun. She has now had all her shots and is ready for the doggie park this weekend. Kali is coping and actually playing with her a lot. They are really bonding. I attached a picture that shows Sadie (our sons English golden), Brie and Kali. This was just after they got out of the pool.


Brie is mostly potty trained. No accidents for awhile now. She sleeps until about 3 AM and then wants to go out for a bathroom break. She is almost there to sleep all thru the night. She is highly food motivated. She sits, does a down and stays on command. She is a very happy and healthy puppy. She goes out to lunch and dinner with us and behaves herself very well.


She is very smart. Sometimes we believe too smart. If we shut her off from a room, she will work the problem until she has a solution and suddenly she is in the room.


It is hard for us to walk down the street. Walking a block sometimes takes 10 or 15 minutes because of all the people that stop us to pet her and ask questions. What kind of dog is it? Are they mother and daughter? Where did you get her? What’s the name of the breeder? We are going to have cards made up with the answers. When asked the same questions over and over, we will just pull out the appropriate card with the answer.


I wonder if anyone has called you yet. I bet I have given out your name and e-mail address 100 times. Put me in for a commission. J


That’s it for now. Thank you for Brie. You gave us a beautiful little girl that was very social. She didn’t cry once the first nights. She just fit right in with the family.


All the best,


Ron & Susie

Cooper in Sun Valley, Idaho

Thank you both for giving us the most precious pup!  He is everything we could have wanted and more!  He has been a dream come true. Sweet, sensitive, wants to please and all around an amazing little man... even when he steals our socks and plays keep away.  We are both so grateful for him and the gift you gave us.  

Finnegan in Northern California

Hi Kerry,


Seeing your puppy pictures on Facebook reminds me of how excited I was to be getting a puppy from you. It also reminds me of when you said to trust the process and that you would pick the perfect puppy for each of us. 


You picked the right pup for Mark and me! 


We love how kind, curious, and funny Finnegan is. And one of his best traits is that he is fairly independent - he loves to toot around on his own in our backyard, sitting quietly in the sun, or surveying the yard from the deck--usually with a ball or stick hanging out of the side of his mouth. 


Yesterday on our neighborhood walk, he was so typical: he was interested in what two little girls were doing in front of their house (they snuggled up and said: "he is So Cute - what white teeth!") As we continued on, another neighbor who is very old and frail wanted to say hi. He carefully leaned near her so she could pet him. I continued on my walk, feeling very happy about what a good boy he is. We love him so much.


Finnegan had his first boo-boo this week - his front thumbnail was cracked and bleeding and the vet had to pull it off. (Yuck!) It looks bad, but he is fine and he is so good about not licking it. 


We are looking forward to seeing  Joshua this Christmastime. We are driving down to San Diego area and will spend at least one day together. We met here in Oakland last year. It was so fun to see the brothers together. 


Good luck with the new pups and thanks again for Finnegan! 



Pascha in Ventura, California

Hi Kerry,

Today is Pascha’s 1st birthday. Needless to say, we absolutely love him and cannot imagine life without him anymore. He is very handsome (everybody stops us and tells us that), has a great personality, and is the perfect dog. Even his obedience training went perfectly. Only sometimes he has a hard time to give up a smelly sock, or when I call him and he is very busy, he has to think hard, whether he really wants to come. But that does not happen too often. and we are working on it. In general, he is super. Hiking is not his favorite, and he tires quickly on long uphill walks. But when I take him to the beach, swimming, and retrieving balls out of the waves, he is unstoppable, never gets fatigued and never wants to go home. He is off-leash on the beach, and gets along very well with all other dogs, kids and adults .He is the best swimmer of all. Recently he has become a little hostile towards cats, but compared to our previous dogs he is still manageable. We take him almost everywhere, and he behaves perfectly. He still has that beautiful head, and is still  almost white. Fireworks, Thunderstorms and leaf blowers do not bother him at all, and he is even making friends with the vacuum cleaner after some thorough investigation. He has completely outgrown his car sickness, and loves to go for rides with me now. We had him neutered in April, when he tried to hump every female he met, whether she was in heat or not. He took that in stride, and within a few days was his usual self again. ...Which one did you keep for breeding? They were all so beautiful, and you did a fabulous job with their initial training.

Hope you and your family are doing well, and of course Pascha sends lots of love to his parents Maya and Moses.



I wanted to send you an updated photo of Kappy. I can't believe he turned 1  this week. He is such an amazing boy.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.


Wilson in Fresno

This is a very kind letter that one of our families wrote as a referral to another:


Hi Renee,


I can't speak highly enough of Nicholberry Goldens.  I had a 15 year old (red) Golden that passed away in May 2014.  She was one of those once in a lifetime dogs and I knew that I wanted to get another Golden but not one that looked anything like our sweet Allie.  Too many wonderful memories.  So I knew that I should look for a 'white' (English Cream) Golden.  I began googling these breeders and found that Nicholberry was right in our own back yard.  Literally a few miles from our home!  I spoke with Kerry and she invited my husband and I over to see the litter that would be going home in two weeks.  When we arrived, we knew that Nicholberry was the breeder for us.  They are wonderful people with a true love for Goldens and it shows!  


We removed our shoes before entering and washed our hands before we were allowed to handle the pups.  They were in a very clean gated area with clean blankets and water.  All of them had been freshly bathed before we arrived.  I have never seen a more immaculate place and I have had a lot of puppies over the years!


Our Wilson was born on Sept. 14 and he came home on Nov. 7.  He is now 9 months old. His parents are Moses and Josie.  We knew that we wanted a Golden with the sweet disposition as our Allie and we wanted to raise him to be a therapy dog (to go to the hospitals to cheer up patients).  Wilson is the most mellow puppy that we have ever owned with the sweetest disposition.  People would stop us all the time and tell us that they couldn't believe that he was a puppy as he was just so mellow.  And he is smart and a very quick learner.  He was potty trained within a couple of weeks and goes on command  Kerry introduces the newborns to various sounds and sights and Wilson is not skittish at all.  He just loves people and all other dogs.  Everybody is Wilson's friend!  And he is beautiful.  He loves to play fetch and has just discovered the ocean.  He will pick up his ball and drop it in the waves just to get wet.  He loves his bath and will walk himself into the shower at bath time.  And he loves the blow dryer.  In fact , he hates it when I'm done drying him and I put the blower away! Wilson is loyal as loyal can be and loves to be wherever we are and if there's an open car door, he's in it.  He loves to travel.  We take him to our beach house every weekend and he lays down the entire trip.  There are a couple of shops that we regularly frequent up at the beach and when we walk in they say "Wilson's here".  Everybody loves Wilson!!  He is going to be a wonderful therapy dog.  In fact, Monique is going to begin his training tonight so that he is all ready for the therapy test at age one year.  We also have an 8 y/o Australian Shepherd and the two of them are the best of buds and Calob doesn't even mind Wilson's 'puppy playfulness'!


Wilson has had no health problems at all.  We have followed Kerry's feeding plan and Wilson is lean, yet muscular.  He's approximately 50 lbs now.


As you can tell by this lengthy email, we just LOVE our Wilson and Nicholberry Goldens.  People stop us all of the time and comment on how beautiful he is and ask where we got him.  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've given out the Nicholberry name.  I have never been more pleased with a breeder.  This is not a business for them.  This is truly their love and they breed the most beautiful, intelligent and loving Goldens.  If my husband would let me (and I'm working on him!!), I would get another Nicholberry puppy tomorrow!


I'll forward you a couple of pictures of our Mr. Wilson so you can see why we just adore this puppy.  Please feel free to contact me again if you have any other questions.



Tadi in Northern California

Today is Tadi's 2nd birthday!  Wanted to share a few more pics...her favorite would be the first one where she looks like a chocolate dipped biscotti 😜, aver a nice lay down in the muck!!  What am amazing sweet loving dog! She was really easy to train, has an amazing disposition and is such a doll!! We all love her to pieces!  I'm almost tempted to get another, but I think we will count our blessings for now and savor all the love and joy she brings in our life!   Thank you for this gift!!  Hope all is well and maybe we will see you in tahoe one of these days.

Fondly Cheryl

Triscuit in Belvedere

Hi Kerry!
I swear Triscuit is a saint and/or should be a dog model. We were lighting our tree and got this idea for a picture. She didn't move an inch. I imagine her thinking, "ok humans, what next..."   she is so sweet and such a good sport!
Hope you and your are having a great holiday season!

Ellie in Santa Barbara



Thinking of you guys today and how it's been a whole YEAR since we picked up little Ms. Pink. Ellie has been wonderful and such a joy to everyone, and has certainly became my best companion! Had to share this beautiful photo of her at the beach this morning in Santa Barbara :)


Hope all is well,



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