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Junie 1



It is impossible to overstate the sweetness of our little girl Juniper. We often joke that she thinks she is a human, as she seamlessly joins in as if she is a human, not a dog.

Junie lives with Mo (you can see her on the "Training" page) and has experienced just about every mountain and beach that California has to offer. She is an extraordinary travel buddy, loving everything from sitting on a lap while sledding down a snowy mountain to going for a run as Mo trains for yet another Ironman.

But what words to describe her personality? Devoted. Loyal. Affectionate. Kind. Gentle. Welcoming. She is the most exceptional girl with an other-worldly temperament. She was born to do therapy work, innately sensing the smallness of children and the frailness of elders.

The other endearing thing about Junie is her size. She is our most petite girl and promises to bring similarly petite girls into the world. As she has grown, her coat has become a gorgeous creamy gold and those signature apricot ears are simply beautiful. She is a perfect little girl and we cannot wait to meet the amazing pups with which she will bless this world. 

Hips:    OFA "Good" 

Elbows:"CLEAR" OFA 2135796

Eyes:    "CLEAR" OFA 


Heart:  "NORMAL" OFA


PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "CARRIER" 


Junie Stats


                              some Junie pups

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