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Golden Retriever Academy

While Golden Retrievers come "pre-loaded" with an affable personality and a longing to please, they require training just like any other dog. But the good news is that because of their biddable temperament, training is tremendously rewarding for both furbaby and human! The internet is a fabulous resource ,

full of helpful articles and videos.  

Here are some of our favorites ...

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Dunbar is a legend in the doggie world.  Google his name and you will be rewarded with so many wonderful articles and videos!  I love this video from TED talk, where he asks his listeners to see the world through the eyes of our dogs, which enables us to better build their love and trust in us.

Jeff Stallings

Jeff has written some fabulous articles - I especially love his article in Bark on the CRITICAL need for early socialization.  He is available for dog training in the San Francisco area in the event you are lucky enough to live near him!

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Dr. Jen's Dog Blog

Dr. Jen is another of our favorite blogs, where super easy to read articles on positive training methods abound. She is both a veterinarian and professional dog trainer.

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