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Baby Scout


Scout is a very special girl in our breeding program, as she is the last direct line out of Moses. Paired with a lovely girl in Northern California, Moses and Fiona produced a beautiful representation of the breed in our girl Scout.

Like her daddy, she is sensitive and intuitive, preferring to be with her humans above all else. She is part of our guardian home program, which allows our girls to be raised like a "normal" family pet (rather than part of a big pack). This has tremendous effects on her mothering, as a confident, loved, calm family pet makes for a fantastic mother (and she passes those characteristics on to her pups).

Scout has a lovely pale coat and the most expressive eyes. She oozes "happy"! We are delighted with how she has grown and simply cannot wait to pair her with Rufus. Theirs will be a Nicholberry Legacy Litter, containing within it over a decade of careful breeding and gene selection. They are going to be stunning (think about that Moses and Rufus headset coming through!), but sweet and goofy. The perfect Golden Retriever.

Hips:    OFA GOOD

Elbows: OFA "CLEAR"

Eyes:    OFA "CLEAR" GR-EYE20602/21F-VPI

Heart:  OFA "NORMAL" GR-CA35909/17F/C-VPI

PRA1&2:  "CLEAR" by parentage

Icthyosis:  "CLEAR" by parentage




                              some Scout pups

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