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Hi Kerry,
I hope all is well!  Thought I’d send off a few cute pics of our Tadi this summer!  She is an awesome dog — so loyal, attentive, calm and good natured — and absolutely a crack up sometimes!!  She literally sings to use every morning to wake us up to get fed (it works!!)  Anyhow we are all having a wonderful time with her and love her to pieces!!    Hope your family is enjoying the summer and will send some photos later this fall. 


Hi Kerry,

I had to share these photos of Miss Ellie. She is everything I every hoped for, and more! She's absolutely stunning and I can't go anywhere without being complimented, but more importantly she is the SWEETEST thing! Very smart too :)
I can't thank you enough for pairing me up with Ellie. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I submitted one to her pet insurance for a photo contest, hopefully she will win!
Jessica (Lucy's 2016)


This was a letter of recommendation that one of our sweet families wrote - we feel INCREDIBLY blessed by the people we've met through our dogs, including Kathi and her family!

Hi Renee,

I can't speak highly enough of Nicholberry Goldens.  I had a 15 year old (red) Golden that passed away in May 2014.  She was one of those once in a lifetime dogs and I knew that I wanted to get another Golden but not one that looked anything like our sweet Allie.  Too many wonderful memories.  So I knew that I should look for a 'white' (English Cream) Golden.  I began googling these breeders and found that Nicholberry was right in our own back yard.  Literally a few miles from our home!  I spoke with Kerry and she invited my husband and I over to see the litter that would be going home in two weeks.  When we arrived, we knew that Nicholberry was the breeder for us.  They are wonderful people with a true love for Goldens and it shows!  
We removed our shoes before entering and washed our hands before we were allowed to handle the pups.  They were in a very clean gated area with clean blankets and water.  All of them had been freshly bathed before we arrived.  I have never seen a more immaculate place and I have had a lot of puppies over the years!
Our Wilson was born on Sept. 14 and he came home on Nov. 7.  He is now 9 months old. His parents are Moses and Josie.  We knew that we wanted a Golden with the sweet disposition as our Allie and we wanted to raise him to be a therapy dog (to go to the hospitals to cheer up patients).  Wilson is the most mellow puppy that we have ever owned with the sweetest disposition.  People would stop us all the time and tell us that they couldn't believe that he was a puppy as he was just so mellow.  And he is smart and a very quick learner.  He was potty trained within a couple of weeks and goes on command  Kerry introduces the newborns to various sounds and sights and Wilson is not skittish at all.  He just loves people and all other dogs.  Everybody is Wilson's friend!  And he is beautiful.  He loves to play fetch and has just discovered the ocean.  He will pick up his ball and drop it in the waves just to get wet.  He loves his bath and will walk himself into the shower at bath time.  And he loves the blow dryer.  In fact , he hates it when I'm done drying him and I put the blower away! Wilson is loyal as loyal can be and loves to be wherever we are and if there's an open car door, he's in it.  He loves to travel.  We take him to our beach house every weekend and he lays down the entire trip.  There are a couple of shops that we regularly frequent up at the beach and when we walk in they say "Wilson's here".  Everybody loves Wilson!!  He is going to be a wonderful therapy dog.  In fact, Monique is going to begin his training tonight so that he is all ready for the therapy test at age one year.  We also have an 8 y/o Australian Shepherd and the two of them are the best of buds and Calob doesn't even mind Wilson's 'puppy playfulness'!
Wilson has had no health problems at all.  We have followed Kerry's feeding plan and Wilson is lean, yet muscular.  He's approximately 50 lbs now.
As you can tell by this lengthy email, we just LOVE our Wilson and Nicholberry Goldens.  People stop us all of the time and comment on how beautiful he is and ask where we got him.  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've given out the Nicholberry name.  I have never been more pleased with a breeder.  This is not a business for them.  This is truly their love and they breed the most beautiful, intelligent and loving Goldens.  If my husband would let me (and I'm working on him!!), I would get another Nicholberry puppy tomorrow!
I'll forward you a couple of pictures of our Mr. Wilson so you can see why we just adore this puppy.  Please feel free to contact me again if you have any other questions.



I wanted to send you an updated photo of Kappy. I can't believe he turned 1  this week. He is such an amazing boy.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.



Hi Kerry & Monique –

 I have attached a couple of photos from our walk from last Saturday.   Wish they were higher resolution and closer but they are what they are…..  see attached.  We had a great time…..thank you for sharing Darla with us Monique.

Best –



I can't believe she is two! She is so loved and will always be our "baby"!


Hi Kerry,

Today is Pascha’s 1st birthday. Needless to say, we absolutely love him and cannot imagine life without him anymore. He is very handsome (everybody stops us and tells us that), has a great personality, and is the perfect dog. Even his obedience training went perfectly. Only sometimes he has a hard time to give up a smelly sock, or when I call him and he is very busy, he has to think hard, whether he really wants to come. But that does not happen too often. and we are working on it. In general, he is super. Hiking is not his favorite, and he tires quickly on long uphill walks. But when I take him to the beach, swimming, and retrieving balls out of the waves, he is unstoppable, never gets fatigued and never wants to go home. He is off-leash on the beach, and gets along very well with all other dogs, kids and adults .He is the best swimmer of all. Recently he has become a little hostile towards cats, but compared to our previous dogs he is still manageable. We take him almost everywhere, and he behaves perfectly. He still has that beautiful head, and is still  almost white. Fireworks, Thunderstorms and leaf blowers do not bother him at all, and he is even making friends with the vacuum cleaner after some thorough investigation. He has completely outgrown his car sickness, and loves to go for rides with me now. We had him neutered in April, when he tried to hump every female he met, whether she was in heat or not. He took that in stride, and within a few days was his usual self again. 

Hope you and your family are doing well, and of course Pascha sends lots of love to his parents Maya and Moses.


Hi Kerry
I hope you are all well. 
I thought this pic today would make you laugh. We met up with Ira, Norah and Joshua in January. It was so fun. Xo


Hi Kerry we went to the vet and she told us he is fabulous and his confirmation is stunning. He is at the right weight and his muscle mass is perfect. Pictures taking at my sister in laws house


Hello Kerry,


I have attached some photos of the day we picked up Brie. Would you pass these along to the family that was there at the same time. Also please give them my e-mail address in the event they would like to exchange pictures of their pup from time to time. We could then see how they are changing.  

Brie is full of energy and she has lots of fun. She has now had all her shots and is ready for the doggie park this weekend. Kali is coping and actually playing with her a lot. They are really bonding. I attached a picture that shows Sadie (our sons English golden), Brie and Kali. This was just after they got out of the pool.

Brie is mostly potty trained. No accidents for awhile now. She sleeps until about 3 AM and then wants to go out for a bathroom break. She is almost there to sleep all thru the night. She is highly food motivated. She sits, does a down and stays on command. She is a very happy and healthy puppy. She goes out to lunch and dinner with us and behaves herself very well.

She is very smart. Sometimes we believe too smart. If we shut her off from a room, she will work the problem until she has a solution and suddenly she is in the room.

It is hard for us to walk down the street. Walking a block sometimes takes 10 or 15 minutes because of all the people that stop us to pet her and ask questions. What kind of dog is it? Are they mother and daughter? Where did you get her? What’s the name of the breeder? We are going to have cards made up with the answers. When asked the same questions over and over, we will just pull out the appropriate card with the answer.

I wonder if anyone has called you yet. I bet I have given out your name and e-mail address 100 times. Put me in for a commission. J

That’s it for now. Thank you for Brie. You gave us a beautiful little girl that was very social. She didn’t cry once the first nights. She just fit right in with the family.

All the best,

Ron & Susie



Hi Kerry,

We have the sweetest and smartest puppy!  Pearl is exactly what we asked for.  You did pick the girl for us!!  She is bright, quick to learn, very energetic and curious, I can’t describe how sweet she is and affectionate.  I have never met a dog that likes to be near her people so much so that she can’t get close enough.  She’s a leaner.  

We turned on the lawn sprinklers for the first time just to see if they were working.  I went into the back yard to find Pearl running through them with such delight!  She was amazed to see water coming from the ground??  Which is funny because she runs from me at bath time and now I know how to get her clean.

She is great when I take her to work.  She greets people (still training her not to jump – but she is only 6 months old). Mostly she sleeps on the couch when not outside.  I wish I was able to get more video of her in the river, she is a natural.  Operator error prevented me from getting some good swimming shots.  She’s the youngest and strongest swimmer out of all of our Goldens.

As for her beauty, she has huge eyes and watches everything, she has a beautiful square head we always love to see in a golden, her coat is soft and thick, her legs are long and she’s already getting her tail feathers.  She runs like a gazelle and jumps over large logs at her young age.  

She listens very well (most of the time) and sits before food or a treat.  She learned that early.   If you bring out a biscuit she tries to figure out which trick you want her to do and does the last one she learned first.  Michael took her to the cabin by herself and when they came home the next day she saw me and Daisy.  She went back and forth deciding which one to greet first.  After I gave her one little kiss she ran to Daisy and you would think she was gone weeks.  She was so gentle dancing around her and you could see how happy she was to be with her again.  We can’t think of a better dog for us, she brings us so much happiness.

We lover her so much!!  



Hi Kerry

Yes he falls asleep like that every afternoon after dinner or when we go to bed . He has done this since we brought him home. We bought a little bear and we would take the bear and the towel you gave us with Callie and he would fall asleep. He is precious Kerry, loving, Happy and a jock. And very sweet with other dogs. 

We could not ask for anything better.!!!! 

Today we took him to get weight at the vet and he weighed 69lbs he is very lean and muscular. The nurse said he looks fantastic and loves how he smiles all the time. 

We have taken to heart everything you tolds us to do and we are very happy with results. I am training with hand signals no voice and he is amazing very smart. The next step of training is for his good citizen class and we plan to take all the steps so we can take him anywhere . I will keep you posted

One thing I forgot to tell you he is very sensitive to my Fabromyalgia when I am down he follows me and lays down next to me

People stop us to ask us about him and they just love him!!

Love to all of you



Happy Birthday Max!!

Happy Birthday to our Max! You really  did match us up with the most perfect dog for our family. We love him so SO much!!! ❤️Thank you again for everything!

The Teklinskis, Max and Bambi


Hello Kerry,

I'm sure you get lots of emails so I do not want to flood your inbox.  However I just wanted to take moment to tell you THANK YOU so much for my wonderful boy.  He couldn't be more perfect than he is.   He is so sweet and gentle along with being absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I get compliments on his demeanor and handsome good looks all the time.  He's so humble…lol  I have attached a couple pics for you of him.  I hope you and your family are doing well and I wish you all the very best this holiday season and always.

Warm wishes from my family to yours,



Hey Kerry,

Its Julia! I just wanted to show you some pictures of Indie (from the Georgia and Roman Litter). Some of these are from the summer but most of them are very  recent. She is such a good pup, the whole family fell in love with her and I'm so glad we picked her. She fits in so well. The cats had to warm up to her, but now they play all the time! We were worried Indie was scared of water because when we took her to the beach the first time, she wanted nothing to do with the water. But, now water is her favorite thing. She is in love with it. The beach is her favorite place to go I would say. I love playing in the water with her she's so fun and I'm so glad we got a chance to pick her. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

( if you wanna see more pictures, her instagram is thepupindie )


Harley and the storm at sea!

Harley is amazing! Incredibly intelligent and so well behaved. We love her like a child! You should see her and my husband. They are inseparable and read each other's minds. It's so cute!!! We are headed out now in the pouring down rain to go "exploring." 

All the best to you!


Moses, "Mr. Red"

Hello Kerry

First I wanted you to know how much we love our Moses. He is the very best.  I could not have asked for a greater pup.  He fit every category we were looking for.
Everyone has been amazed how you kept us informed of so many things that otherwise we would not have known about.  So very much appreciated. I bought every single item you suggested.  LOL
I also was amazed at the photos and videos we were sent.  It made us fall in love with this puppy before we ever got him.  Thank you for all you did to make this a wonderful experience.

I also wanted to tell you how wonderful Monique is. We could not be any more impressed with her than we are.  We would rate her as a five star. She is great.  The things that she taught Moses Jr. in just two weeks time was almost unbelievable.
We plan to continue to access her knowledge in training Moses to succeed in his becoming a therapy dog. 

I will also say in the event that something were to ever happen to both Rick and I, there is no one we would trust more than Monique to take Moses.  We have asked that she be willing to take Moses if that ever happened. So, Monique goes into the will.

If ever there is anyone that would like to speak with someone who has already gone through the experience of purchasing a pup or regarding Monique's training, we would be happy to be a reference.

God is very very good and used both you and Monique to bring us Moses.  We know that he will bring much love to many people.
Thank you again for everything.

Have a blessed Christmas.
Diane and Rick Titus


Hi Kerry,
I hope all is going well with you guys.  I just wanted to share a couple photos of Grey.  He is doing great, we went to Home Depot yesterday for his first outing and everything went well.  Potty training and schedule has run extremely smooth.  He is a smart little guy we are already working on sit and come with success most of the time :)  Thank you again for everything.
Warm wishes,

Hi Kerry,
Hope all is well! Wanted to share with you one of my favorite shots of our handsome Bauer! Taken the other week up in Marin. He's just great on the trails, I thinks he loves them as much as we do :) Such a special pup, always comes up how grateful we are to you, thanks a million.


We've had a great weekend! She's learning quickly and seems fully adjusted. She ADORES the kids (and vice versa) -- she whines when they leave the room, and jumps up when they come in. Very cute.


Hi Kerry!

I hope you are doing well. This is probably no surprise to you, but Bauer is the best dog ever!!!!!!! No one can believe a 5.5 month old puppy can be so mellow. We love him to pieces. He is the perfect match for us, ready to go full-speed when we want to and happy to hang around and just be together when we have to do work at home. Thank you for doing such a good job with the pairings :)


PS. We have had SO many people inquire about where we got Bauer, I hope some of them are following up with you! Even our dog walker is OBSESSED with him. We only have the best things to say about our experience with you. 


Hi Kerry,

So I did not attach photos because I am guessing they are not coming through but I will continue working on that.  Chester is doing fantastic and is such an amazing puppy.  He is growing everyday and he and Stuart are definitely best buddies.  We are just loving him.  He is going to start puppy classes after his next set of shots (with Stuart) and he is the local celebrity at Home Depot, Petco, Petsmart and my school.  They all adore him and he just can't get enough.  Thank you so much for blessing us with Chester :).  Will update again soon...

Chris and Jon


Hi Kerry and Monique,

He has literally doubled in size and has the biggest paws and longest legs.

I couldn't get the ipad quick enough to video, but this morning he found a playmate in his reflection in the window.  He couldn't figure out who was winning.

The desensitization cd worked wonderfully.  The only thing he is fearful of is the music at the beginning of the Disney Frozen movie. :)

Hi Kerry and Monique,

Zeke loves food, literally anything he can put into his mouth, the outdoors, water, his sleep, and especially, his momma. He is quiet when he meets new people, but after a while, he becomes his silly self.  Of all the people we have introduced to him, his preference is definitely children.  He absolutely happy when he is in the midst of them.  Everyone who ever meets him comments on how beautiful he is :)

Still using the converted child carrier.  Luckily, he is almost "safe" to be on a leash outside his yard.  He is really getting heavy. 

Still working on the potty training.  

He absolutely loves water. (can't wait to take him to the ocean).  He will follow me into the shower and lay down on his back letting the spray of water hit his belly.  If he only knew that Maggie had baths outside with the hose :)



Our beautiful girl on her first birthday.


Hi Kerry !

We continue to love Jax more and more with each day! He got involved with Ryan's senior portraits this year! We get complements all the time on his temperament and his stunning good looks;) thanks again for a wonderful dog !!




Hi Ladies,

Thought you'd enjoy this picture of Jolie. She is a gem! We adore her!

Many thanks!




Hi Kerry,

Jonas is doing great!  In these pictures, he is laying on top of his toys in his favorite "little" corner, watching the activity on the golf course, and laying with his big brother, Sunny.  His favorite toy (at the moment) is a squeaky rubber chicken.  His favorite security toy is a stuffed alligator that he sleeps with/on/under.  Medicine has cleared up his parasite issue and he is growing fast.  He is full of adventure and is quite the problem solver.  (When he could not reach my slippers that I had put high (for him) on the bathtub shelf, he pulled towels off the shelf, shoved them up against the tub, and climbed up on the towels to be tall enough to reach the slippers.)  He sits, stays (for a little bit), and comes (most of the time) on command.  He has learned stairs - both going up and going down.  We are working on "down," "off," and walking on a leash.  He loves his brother, Sunny, and Sunny is warming up to him (the bigger Jonas gets, the more Sunny likes him).  Jonas seems to like baths (he doesn't fight against them or complain) and does not mind having his nails clipped.  He does very well riding the car.  In other words, he is perfect!

Thanks for everything!



Wanted to send you a picture of this handsome boy !!! I think he looks like a perfect combination of Callie and Roman . We are at the lake this weekend with two other couples and a total of 8 kids ages 5-10 and Louie has been spoiled and loved on and has been the perfect little angel !!!
Our friends just can't get over how sweet and gentle he is !!!


Hi Kerry-

Well, little Luna is just the most beautiful dog in all ways...not only is she drop dead gorgeous but George is hugely proud of how smart, mellow and all-around -fantastic she is. We are so grateful to you for breeding such fabulous dogs!!! Luna was hob-nobbling with the Dallas Cowboys last week at a party!  and she is on her way to the Colorado ranch Thursday for the first time in

​the  plane...he is such a proud Pappa!




One of my best friends is a photographer and she took the below pics. She loves Max. So far we introduced him to the 100 people by 16 weeks, made everyone bleach their shoes 😱, and he has puppy play dates 2 a week at our house. Really appreciate all the education you gave us ahead of time. It was so long since we had a puppy and it was great to have direction.

The bottom is my inlaws and they love their grand-dog!

Thanks agai




Hi Kerry,

I hope you and your family and the pups are all well. Luna is perfect... Please plan a visit soon...



Hi Kerry,  

Wanted to let you know that Maisie is doing great!  She was very good on the ride home, just slept in my son's lap most of the time. Once home we took her directly to her potty spot, said "Go potty" and she peed!  Then we played together in a safe area we made for her in our living room - it's a big rectangle with the crate attached to one end. We have tons of toys in our basket and we've been having fun seeing which ones she likes best.  Last night the kids went swimming in our pool and I held Maisie in my lap next to the pool so she could start getting used to it.  She was very curious, but not quite ready to go in yet.  We are all excited for her to start swimming with us - on her own initiative of course!   

My daughter and I decided to sleep on a mat next to her crate last night and the night went well, going out to potty at 11:30pm and then again at 2:30am!  

We are all just in love with her!  She is so loving to me especially, always wants to be on my lap or right next to my side. And I can already see the wonderful calming and focusing affect she's having on my younger son. It's a really beautiful thing to watch them getting to know each other. 

And of course we have YOU to thank for raising such a precious darling! You clearly did an amazing job with her early socialization and health. We are so honored to have the granddaughter of Tessa and daughter of Callie - my oldest son has read your website and it very impressed!  :) 

Here are a few pics.  We'll keep you posted as she grows.

Many thanks, 

Hilary and family


Hi Kerry, 

I wanted to share with you the experience Roman and Quinn had today, as it was absolutely amazing!! Without hesitation, these two pups ran towards each other and were immediately reconnected. Both Stephanie and I had no doubt that they KNEW exactly who they each were! They look SO much alike, at times it was hard to determine who was who...which you also may find it difficult in the pictures below! :) 

They had so much fun... ran around,cuddled, spooned and rolled around together was the cutest thing ever, seriously. We cannot wait to do this again! 





Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you again for such a wonderful boy. He has fit into our family perfectly! You were right, he does love the water already. These hot Texas days make staying out of the pool nearly impossible for all of us. He has taken a few road trips to drop kids off at camp, and has quickly developed a love for the car. He has his own spot already. He's growing like crazy! We just had another check-up with our vet yesterday and he is up to 20lbs. We will definitely keep you posted on how he is doing, but know that he is truly adored in his home!



Just like to touch base with you every so often. My daughter follows you on Instagram and we love seeing all the beautiful Goldens!!! Stanley is just as amazing as ever. He is so smart!!! We can't keep him out of the water...even when it's freezing cold. He's just such a blessing. Here's a recent picture, thought you'd like to see how much he looks like his parents.

Thanks again!!


She might be a tad bit spoiled — but we promise she will be very well trained and well behaved!  We are having soooo much fun with her — she is a super sweet girl.      

I think she likes her new home with us too.  She is sleeping in her crate like a champ and potty training is also really consistent

thank you!!!!! and thanks to tilley & roman for providing such a sweet litter.  we couldn’t be happier!!



Hi Kerry and Monique:

Is it possible for our puppy to get any cuter than the first day we met her?  With each passing day Shelby gets prettier and more charming.  She is truly a beautiful dog on the inside and out and makes us laugh until our sides hurt.

We have had Shelby for about seven weeks and she is such a wonderful dog.  Last weekend was the first days her paws touched the ground outside our home.  We took her to a puppy play group on Saturday and she easily made a new friend with a black lab mix.  On Sunday, we attended a puppy pre-school where she was the star and was able to get “go to the mat” in just a few rounds.  Monday we took her to an outdoor mall and the people who met her (22 in total) said “wow I have never seen a white Golden Retriever; she is so cute and calm”. 

It took our Cavalier King Charles a couple of weeks to adjust to the new addition to the family, but now  I frequently find them playing tug-a-war and wrestling in every room in the house. When they are exhausted and can take no more dog antics, I see them cuddling side by side. 

We are thrilled to have Shelby as part of the family.  Thank you both for all that you do and for raising the most wonderful puppies and dogs. 

I have attached some photos I think you’ll enjoy. 

All the best.

Debbie and Bill 


He's perfect, and doing great!!

Pat and Jacey


Hi Ladies,

Mr. Brown now known as Daytona is doing amazing. He is such a good boy. He sleeps about 5 hours at a time at night which amazes me. He is so easy going and such a smart puppy. He already knows sit and off and is learning leave it.

He went to the vet yesterday and passed with flying colors. 

He has gone on outings both days and has made his first visit to an assisted living facility. He did amazing. I have attached a picture as I thought you may like seeing it. He just layed down and went to sleep. She was so happy to have him to pet. This was the first time I have seen her smile in a while.

I want to thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into raising them. It very much shows.




Hi Kerry!

I wanted to send you an update on little Miss Sophie! She is doing fabulous! She learned her name is about 4 hours, and she potties on her pad more times than she has an accident in the house! She is definitely my shadow, and always curled up next to me. She is so sweet and loving and has even learned to "sit" already! It is obvious that this little girl loves to please! She is also very adventurous! She went to the vet on Monday, and the vet said that everything is going great with her! We go back this upcoming Monday for the next round of shots! I hope everything is going well for you guys!! I attached some pictures so that you can see the little one!



Hi Again Kerry,

Just wanted to thank you for our amazing, brilliant little Harley.  We take her hiking to new and different places everyday. It's uncanny how she knows every twist and turn on the way back. If a trail splits and Tom and Harley take the high trail and I stay on the low one, on the way home she knows to do the same. Her nose is unbelievable! If Tom touches a rock and throws it way across the yard she will search it out of the ice plant and bring it back! Also if we throw something into the pool or the ocean she will go under to bring it back up. SHE'S SO AMAZING!!

We love, love, love her!!!!!

All the best,

Oh and we referred you to someone with an older cream golden that we met on our hike today. Her dog is from Santa Barbara but they aren't breeding anymore and she wants a puppy for her kids.


Just wanted to send you a quick note and current pic. Laynie LOVES the water. She's a great swimmer and I'm not sure she will dry out before winter. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Fourth of July!


Hi Kerry,

I hope all is well and you are enjoying this most wonderful time of the year.

I thought I'd send you some pictures of  "Mr." Wilson.  He thinks he's the king of the house so I often refer to him as Mr Wilson!!!   We just love him to pieces and he is such a sweet little boy.

Wilson and Andy and I hope to see you soon.



Hi Kerry,

Hauser continues to be a wonderful part of our family every day!  He is still a "puppy" (a little mouthy and jumpy) but really is starting to mellow and listen very well!  I am still amazed by his temperament.

Took him to Lake Tahoe in Jan, and plan to head up there later this month.  He is good traveler and loves hanging in the mountains w the girls. 

Thank you for everything!



Hi Kerry!

How are you?  Hope all is well. We are just so totally in love with Triscuit. You should hear my typical guy husband gush over her.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of her - she is twice the size as when we brought her home!

She is doing fantastic in her training and socializing and brings a smile to anyone we meet.  It's been great to have Tadi and her friend Sparky in her class.  Triscuit and my parents cocker have also become best buddies. Her enjoyment of other dogs does have us thinking about someday becoming a 2 dog family. Do have an age you suggest Triscuit be when this happens?  Does male or female matter?

Best wishes,

Indy is a treasure! His is equal parts sweetness, happiness, playfulness and curiosity with a hearty sprinkle of goofiness, rambunctiousness and mischievousness topped off with a giant gentle, kind and loving heart.
Our first night together was as anticipated ... a slightly noisy and sleepless night full of periodic high-pitched heart-braking barks and whines from our dear boy as he got adjusted to his new crate.
The second and third night...not one bark! That is no lie! I awoke the last two nights (early mornings actually...around 2 am) to find him quietly chewing on a chew toy patiently waiting for me to take him out to "go potty". As he exited the crate I was greeted with loving licks and tail wags and the predictable quick potty in the peaceful backyard and then back to the crate without a fuss. Last night, I awoke again about about two hours later at 4am to the same sweet quiet noises and I went to get him out to go potty but he stayed put and just licked my hand, received my loving pets and then went back to chewing on his toy as I crawled back to bed.
And talking about potty times....This boy has not had "one accident". He has gone potty outside in the backyard each and every time he has needed to go. He only goes one time during the "night" around 2am. Even on his initial long road trip home, he did not potty on the potty mat in the car or have an accident in his crate...instead he waited the 3 1/2 drive and a long introduction to the boys and then went potty in the backyard as we all praised his amazing potty talents in a dramatic over-the-top type of way! I'm sure we looks ridiculous :) It's pretty amazing. You really did an amazing job preparing him for potty training.
Loving him more and more each and every minute of every day. 
-Amy and family.

Wilson is a regular at the park, beach and restaurants all over the city. He loves everyone and is the talk of the town. He has also become an avid swimmer, diving over waves to retrieve sticks. We are having a lot of fun and doing our best to train him daily. More updates to come!

Hi Kerry
Just a quick note to tell you how AMAZING little Daisy did yesterday on the 4th of July! First, our neighborhood does a parade every year and it comes right down our street. We sat on the edge of our driveway, right on the street (Daisy on my lap) while a huge fire engine came rumbling by. There were kids on bikes, scooters, adults on tractors, in cars, motorcycles. We were pelted with candy thrown by the little children in the parade  Daisy just sat there, unfazed. When night time rolled around and our neighborhood became a warzone with loud explosions, she didn’t care. She wanted to be outside sniffing around the backyard. At 10:15 I took her out for her last potty break before bed and she went potty immediately (our poor Libby could not even concentrate to do that during the 4th of July fireworks). Daisy finished her duty and trotted upstairs to her crate where she immediately fell asleep. I'm not sure I’ve ever heard such loud explosions right near our house and for her, it was no big deal. Bob asked when we came in "how did she do" and I told him. His response was "Wow, Kerry did such an amazing job with her”. Moral of the story - continue playing the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack for your future puppies…it obviously does wonders!

Hi Kerry
Just wanted to give you an update on Reagan. She is 61lbs and the sweetest most behaved dog ever. We have been living in northern California this summer. As always thanks for trusting me with one of your dogs. Reagan is very loved and cared for. Rhonda
Reagan Peters

Hi Kerry
Thought you'd like to see a couple of pictures of Shep as we approach the 7 month mark.  We moved to a small town in North Carolina in late March and I've finally unearthed my camera from the mess of boxes.  Shep loves his new home - he has a few acres to roam and lots of kids running around to play with.  The girls continue to love him to death and he is literally the most amazingly behaved dog.  He has NEVER chewed up anything from inside the house, and can be left unsupervised with no worries for hours at a time.  He didn't skip a beat through all the chaos of moving - we did some construction to our home that was SUPPOSED to be done before we moved in, but things went awry and we moved into a disaster zone with missing walls and floors, no kitchen, and workmen in and out of the house 24-7 for weeks.  He was calm and cool through it all, greeting the workers every morning and the girls every afternoon when they got home from school.
He's a big boy, and from the looks of his paws he's got a ways to go (grow!).  Here's one of Milly lounging with him on the screened porch, and another of him by the pool.  Hope you are all well!

Well we finally did our first AKC Agility trial. Cody did great at 20"! We qualified and placed second. It was Novice A so our few mistakes did not count against us! He is awesome. BTW: I had his eyes and heart checked last year and he passed. I have not sent them into AKC. I thought you might want to know that he passed them. He was not happy I made him sit for a picture but we needed one for fun!
Joan (Chicago)

Hi Kerry,
I hope you are doing well.  We have been having so much fun with Buddha.  He is an absolute love-bug.  I'm so impressed by your puppy selection because he is everything that I've dreamed of in a pup.  He is a perfect fit for our family.  He is up to 25 pounds & we are all done with his shots.  Here are the latest photos of him enjoying some beach time.
Have a great weekend.
:-) Ola

Hi Kerry and Monique,
Week 1 and Jenny has made herself at home! She's thoroughly explored the backyard and all the rooms in the house. She's made new human friends and has learned "sit". She likes to climb right into your lap and play with her toys.
You can see from the photo that she now chooses to go into her crate. She even slept through the night once. We're stretching out her potty times because she seems to be able to go about 4 hrs without a problem.
Jenny has the perfect personality for us. While she is playful and curious, she settles right down and is a calm, laid back dog. She loves people and is so smart. In other words, we're delighted!
Thanks for all the photos and updates of Jenny's brothers and sisters! I've included a few photos of Jenny.

Hi Kerry and Monique,
Just wanted to send a few pics of Moose and the girls on his first day home! He's doing great! When we first got him into the car he seemed a little anxious and then a few minutes later he threw up and seemed to feel so much better! He slept the entire car ride home after that. :)
Moose is so handsome! I love his little face, big dark eyes, big paws, gorgeous coat, and he has this charming little swagger!
We introduced him to the crate today. He whined and howled for about 15 minutes and then let out a huge audible sigh and plopped down to sleep. He's quite the grunter and makes lots of noises and vocalizations at us. It's incredibly charming! After sleeping in the crate for a bit, we took him out as a reward and he slept on the floor next to us for most of the afternoon. This evening my parents and brothers and my sister all gathered together to welcome him and we spent the evening together. Moose had a blast and after being loved on, sprawled out on the hardwood floors and slept while my daughter and my brother played ping pong with music playing, my mom dancing and cooking, and just lots of energy going on! Moose slept right through it like the little love log he is. He eventually ended up sleeping with my Dad on the couch and I think my Dad is in love. :)
As a side note, Moose is doing well meeting our cat. We are keeping them separated with slow introductions, but our cat is extremely social and is seeking him out and trying to lie down next to him already. Slow down kitty! ;-) I think they will be friends in no time.
We will definitely keep you updated and send pictures. He is SO beautiful. He's perfect! We are working on everything Monique told us. I think Keith's already got him on the right track to learn "sit" as he was able to do it several times today. Moose jumped right into training for treats! Tomorrow Keith and I are going to type out a potty training/feeding schedule for Moose so we stick to the same plan every day.
Thanks so much, you guys have been the absolute best throughout this process.

Hi all,
Here's a few more pictures of Shep's first week. Shep has been absurdly easy so far. I keep waiting for the craziness to start. The first two nights were rough - he was NOT a fan of his crate. But I figured I'd cut him some slack since he had just flown across the country and been separated from his family for the first time. By the third night he had settled down, and he's sleeping 7-8 hours at night!
And during the day he's a calm, so quick to learn, so easy going. By the end of the first day he figured out that he had to sit before leaving or entering the house, and now he does it automatically without being asked. Amazing! He LOVES to sleep and will do it anywhere, anytime. I'm sure he won't always be this perfect (and I'm pretty sure he's going to take down my Ugg boots if I"m not REALLY, REALLY vigilant..he LOVES those things) but so far so great!  

Crate training is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the encouragement to rough it out. She still requires a potty trip around 2:00 am but I am sure that she will grow out of this in time.
My family and co-workers love Miss Grace. My mom has Alzheimer's and Grace has been such a blessing to her. Mom lights up when Grace gives her sweet kisses.
Thanks so much for the incredible job you and your family did laying Grace's foundation. I am so confident that she is the perfect girl for me. God is already using her in a mighty way in my life.

Hi Kerry
It's been a few weeks since our last update. He has been the best behaved puppy we have ever had! He is so quick to learn new things and is simply amazing for a three month old. The barking has ended and he really tries his best to do what he thinks we want. He is excellent at sit, stay, look at me, down, go to your bed, want a biscuit, go to the field etc. He is one very happy puppy and just loves his walks both on a leash and off. He's not too excited about getting into the crate for car rides but once it the crate he's perfectly content. His tail never stops wagging. We love him to death and thank you for bringing him through the crucial first eight weeks. Attached are a few pictures of Charlie.

Hey Kerry,
Dude is doing so well. He is a joy at work and at home. The first couple of weeks are always rough - getting into a new routine and all that jazz both for him & me but he is truly settling in and is such a beautiful and wonderful creature. He is totally house trained at home & very close at the office. He has been playing with Charleigh a bit. She is quite a little handful that one. She kinda beats up Dude but he's starting to hold his own ;) 
I think it's pretty amazing how you choose the pups for their owners and wanted to acknowledge it. I have no idea what the rest of the litter was like, but Dude truly is a great fit for me.  He is so loving and you can tell already that he is full of loyalty & companionship. He loves to play with other dogs & rough house with the guys at work but he is so happy to be laying around near me; on his back, on his side, whatever! He's also not too mischievous.... he won't jump over small fences, or climb baby gates. He seems kinda happy with everything.
Anyway, I'm sure you hear it all of the time, but you are truly amazing at what you do. I love my little Dude - soon to be a big Dude.

Hi Kerry,
I'm sitting here with Henry right now and so happy to report he is all better!!  We are really enjoying being able to take him out to our park and little walks by the kids' school. He isn't so much a walker yet - more of a sniffer and a lay down and check it all out kind of guy. He has "walking lessons" today as he is taking a short walk with a Therapy lab and the school's retriever today. Hopefully he'll see how the big boys do it :)
Henry is such a loving dog and at this moment thinks he is a lap dog - so affectionate and always up for a cuddle. I also have to to tell you that I cannot step out ANYWHERE without people Fawning over him. People come out of stores to see him, get out of their cars, stop their jog, and exclaim about his beauty and temperament. Yesterday afternoon a man came up to me and told me that he is the best looking Retriever that he has ever seen - this is from a person in the dog grooming business!
Henry is taking it all in stride and not letting it go to his head.
Thank you again for your advice and I'm hoping for normalcy and routine for now!

A picture says a thousand words … what a special puppy, it’s hard to believe we’ve only had her for 48 hrs. ...
Kerry we are sooooo amazed at how little fazes her … the only time I’ve seen her startled was at 3 AM this morning, when I took her to go potty the bar/restaurant across the street was recycling some bottles she didn’t like that, and  oh she didn’t care for the fight scenes in Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse last night either.  But whether it’s the hydraulic breaks on a Waste Management truck, a helicopter overhead, children screaming, blenders blending, microwave’s popping … honestly not even a stir.  But the piece de résistance was after Charleigh had lunch and seemed to be half asleep (as measured by having only one eye closed!) … we began to make the humans lunch, reheated take out Indian from the night before.  With the scents of garlic naan, lamb saag, and chicken curry overwhelming the kitchen, Charleigh didn’t lift a paw … seriously miraculous.  But fear not that her sixth sense is not fully developed, for when we reach for the little plastic bag of Blue Buffalo dog treats, she is on us, faster than she takes to water.
What a dog!   Thank you Kerry!!!!
Adam and Marsha

We have had such a wonderful day with our new little family member and I haven't checked my e-mail all day. Bodhi is so cute, friendly, calm, and fun!  We are so very happy about our decision to get a Nicholberry Golden. This guy does not disappoint!  We are all very pleased.  Thank you for all of the thought and consideration you put forth in selecting this little guy for us!
Dana, Nick, Tyler, and Clover Belle

Hi Kerry and Monique,
Aggie is doing great!!! She is such a sweet puppy and very smart !!! She is getting along with the other two dogs (although Mac has his nose bent just a little since he is no longer the cutest dog in the house). Her training is going well and her temperament has been perfect for our family. She’s fun, and very loving, curious, but also a bit mellow. She’s easy going and adaptable but strong in personality. Her favorite game is chase her own tail, but loves fetching the ball and tug a war. We’ve take her out on the boat every day and she just curls up in my lap or in a corner and enjoys the ride. I would have to say her biggest fault is she likes to eat the mulch !!! We call her our little goat and find ourselves constantly pulling bark out of her mouth.  We have also started taking her out on small walks on the leash. She HATES moving cars. They scare her tremendously. I am hoping she will get more accustom to them the more we keep in our routine and reassure her that she is safe. I can’t tell you how much we LOVE this little girl and how much we are all enjoying her. 
Here are a few more pictures from the past couple of weeks. She is about 20 – 23 lbs. now and still growing at a rapid rate. She is a beautiful dog. We are constantly being stopped by people passing who comment on her and ask what kind of dog she is. Darla and Moses should be proud !!

Hi Kerry,
She is such an angel! Crate training is going SO smoothly, I was nervous to leave her long enough for church this morning but we came home to a dry, clean crate. I love how she is frisky when she plays and instantly relaxes in your arms when you pick her up. Love love love her!

Hi Kerry,
Fynn is an amazing little boy, he is loved by all at day care and the light of his trainers eyes.  He has been going to her Saturday classes to show the clients what their dogs can become, he's the local star!!  He continues obedience and agility at our facility and like everything that little guy attempts he excels.  I had promised a photo of him swimming well, finally here they are.  As you can tell he is a typical Golden, loves the water and continually beats Georgia to the water toy. He and Georgia are the best of friends and like Georgia is training to become a service dog.  He is the happiest puppy I have ever seen, a testimony to the early enrichment you and Monique did with the puppies.  
I know every time I email I thank you for allowing us to have one of your amazing little ones but as you know we have had many Goldens, our little Fynn is exactly what the gold standard is...Thank you, thank you

Hello Kerry,
Hope all is well with the Nichols family, two and four legged. Just a quick note to let you know that we are truly enjoying our little Ms Lucy. My husband and I are officially retired now and loving every minute we get to spend with her and her brother Oscar. Lucy and I are now attending Puppy II classes and will graduate from that class in two weeks. She is learning very quickly and picks up most everything with very little effort it seems. She is the only girl in her class of 8 puppies. She is really playing that for all it is worth. Everyone the calls her the little princess. Here are a few pictures I snapped of her this morning as well as a photo of the small quilt my sister-in-law made of her. The quilt hung in a large quilt show in Richmond and was auctioned off in a silent auction to raise money for her quilting guild. I was so proud and hung around to listen to all the people admiring how cute she was. I hope all Lucy's brothers and sisters are doing as well as she is. We could not be happier with her. Anyway, thank you again for all you put into raising these beautiful amazing creatures. I am starting to work on my husband to get another from your kennel of beauties. Take care and tell your son we are taking very good care of Lucy for him.

Dear Kerry,
Toby (Mr. Blue) is doing great. He has been working with a trainer that comes to our house. He has learned many verbal commands and even several commands using only hand signals. The command "drop" is definitely the most commonly used at our house. He steals the mail, shoes, shin guards, etc and hides his stash under the dining room table. He thinks he is so sneaky, but he is so obvious when he grabs something that he is not supposed to have. He slinks out of the room and looks at us to see if we are watching. He has learned that if he drops what he has, he can get a little treat. Toby is so smart that now when he wants a treat, he brings us the item that he has just stolen, drops it in front of us and then runs to where we keep his treats. I get he has got us trained. He loves playing with the kids. He hasn't figured out how to retrieve yet, but certainly plays keep away with them. He also loves hide and seek. They will hide in the yard and call him. It is so funny to watch him try to find them and when he does, he struts with pride. He loves to tag along and follow us wherever we go and sometimes that even means trying to get in the shower with one of us. He pops his head in and tries to catch all of the water drops. He loves visiting the beach at the end of our street. You can just tell that he is going to love the water especially when it gets warmer for him to completely swim. Of course, he also loves getting dirty at low tide. My parents are really enjoying Toby as well. I am beginning to think that my parents actually think he is a grandchild. They now take more pictures of Toby than of my children. My dad even creates Toby slide shows on his new laptop and has put it to music-"You Got a Friend in Me"! My dad is the one that visits Toby each day while we are at work/school, so they have really bonded. As you can see, we are truly enjoying our new addition to the family.

Hi Kerry-
Hope all is well! Sawyer is doing great! He can sit, lay down, shake, high five and 'go to his place', (between our legs). Guess we will have to keep thinking of some new tricks...he is very motivated by food and super talented! :)
He's beautiful, mellow, goofy and sweet. He is going to be a fantastic dog. I take him to Lowe's with me and I can barely get out of the store. People are very enamored with him and he is so easy on the eyes! I'm thinking he is going to look a lot like Moses.
I attached a picture today from our walk...he looks beautiful and the way he is sitting makes him look like a goofball. :)
Oh, I will attach one of him on Tim's lap at the vet...what dog is ever that relaxed at the vets??!!
Take care, Laura, Tim and Sawyer, aka Soy Bean

Sunshine is weighing in at 44 lbs of beautiful blond.She has developed an amazing thick wavy cowlick that runs down her back and is a darker golden then the the rest of her body.She has a knack for finding and bringing the shoes of the person she wants to walk her to the owner of said pair of shoes.(amazing) She had her very first visit to our local dog park two weeks ago and was very popular.Sunshine and our Rat terrier Bella are now best friends, Bella protects Sunshine at the dog park . They spend their days together tracking and digging up gopher and rabbit holes.
My 4 y/o daughter and Sunshine are wrestling /tea party buddies. Sunshine is amazing with her and is always so careful not to bite her too hard no matter how rough the play. Sunshine broke out of her Kennel weeks ago so we find that no door is necessary and she comes as goes as she pleases. We are amazed out how quickly she adapted to a routine. She leaves her kennel every morning at 5:30 am by her self, trots up stairs to say wake up and then its out the door for a walk/run/trot. Sit,lay,crawl and leash training were a breeze. I really feel as though this dog came to us alredy trained
Sunshine is family!

Wanted to share a milestone with Mr. Orange today. He graduated with flying colors from obedience class this morning. We had a contest and guess who came in NUMBER ONE...............................OUR BOY :-) He then went to The Lakes to play with his Little Red. He is one pooped puppy but he was a STAR!
Fun to share our adventures! Pictures attached.
Sally & Luke

Here's Rocco relaxing by the backdoor! He's getting so big but is still our baby boy! Hope all is well with you guys and you're enjoying springtime!

Hope you and your family are doing well. Attached is an up to date photo of Miss Cally. She is getting so big. She is growing into the most amazing dog and best friend. I think she definitely takes after her father "Mellow" Moses!
Talk to you soon!

Hi Kerry,
I hope all is well with you and your family. 
Here are new reports on Tessa Jane: 
She has happily slept through the night in her crate for two weeks... no noises at all. 
She had a wonderful, hilarious, active play date with my brother's 9 year old dog- a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. 
She has been extremely cooperative and agreeable to all car travel around town. 
She loves sink baths and is good at drinking / biting the warm water flowing from the faucet. 
She is walking down the bluestone stairs in our backyard. 
She will always sit on command. 
She loves playing with/chewing tea bag wrappers. When I turn the kettle on, she comes running in anticipation of getting the tea wrapper. She has earned the name "Tessa tea". 
She has some darker coloring coming through on her coat now. And ironically, the darker fur looks "tea stained"... a very pretty tan/beige color. 
She continues to charm everyone with her beauty. 
Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
kirsten and family.

Hi Kerry,
I thought I’d send you a couple pics from this weekend’sadventures…. The weather was unbelievable out here, so we took Charlie on her first harbor cruise and she was SO at peace on the water. She did so well, no sea sickness, she soaked up the sun and ocean air liked she’d been doing it for years. So adorable!! We’re having so much fun with her! Hope everything is going well with you and your family!!

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