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Non Stop Sweet Sensation

Looking Lovely
Playing Chase with Tristan!
Standing Guard

           If ever a dog were born to do therapy work, it would be our sweet "Lollie Pop," who has the gentlest, kindest, sweetest nature imaginable.  She has this extraordinary combination of athleticism and focus (she fetches with astonishing precision!), paired with a quiet meekness that makes anyone feel comfortable with her.  We have had several adults and children who, having been afraid of dogs, felt comfortable having Lollie by their side.  Her temperament is truly unmatched.

          She is also lovely.  She has a strong, feminine head with the kindest eyes.  Her structure is solid and well-balanced.  Her coat!!!  Luxurious.  She is genuinely cream in color (although the camera makes her look like she is more gold than she is in "real life.").  She is simply beautiful and we are so very blessed that Borcsi at Kennel Non-Stop entrusted this once in a lifetime girl to us. 


One of my Favorites!
Fetch Anyone?