Family Testimonies
Nicholberry's Sailing the Nile

Over the Shoulder

Beautiful, athletic, gentle, graceful.  These would be just a few words with which we could describe our lovely girl Saylor.


Saylor is the product of Roman (Sleepysong Shogun) and Callie (Nicholberry’s Jewel of the Nile) and boasts many of the characteristics which make her parents such special dogs.  She has a beautiful, supple coat with excellent feathering and soft texture.  Her pigment is pitch black, prominently displayed in her coal-rimmed eyes and unmarred nose.  This girl is quite the beauty!


Because Saylor is the product of Moses’ lines, she cannot be bred with him, but we are excited by the proposed combination of Tristan and Saylor, as we anticipate a truly gorgeous litter.  We expect Saylor’s calm and refined demeanor to pair with Tristan’s goofy personality, resulting in puppies who are gregarious and loving.  It is apparent that they will be beautiful, but we are most excited about the kind of gentle and affectionate family pets their puppies will make.  We are looking forward to meeting them in Summer 2017!

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