Family Testimonies
Nicholberry's Daughter of the Nile

Striking a Pose
Looking Regal

     This apple did not fall far from the tree, which is an enormous blessing to our breeding program.  A little family history:  Lola is the daughter of Georgia and Roman.  Georgia is the daughter of Tessa and Moses.  The girls in this line are some of the most gentle, sweet, even-tempered Goldens you'd ever want to meet and we feel enormously grateful for the way these lines have become a part of our Nicholberry program.

     Like her Mama, Lola is just a love.  She is ever-ready with a wagging tail for any human who might come her way.  She has these lovely, expressive, doe-like eyes which exude a kindness that is so typical of the Golden Retriever breed.  She is very athletic and loves to get dirty (LOVES!), so she is very much a Golden Retriever in that way.  But she also enjoys a good cuddle or leisurely walk.  

     Having bred first her grandmother and then her mother, we are astonished by how similar Lola's temperament is to theirs.  We have been anxiously waiting for her to reach breeding age, as we anticipate some truly lovely pups.  They are sure to be kind, loving, and beautiful. 

Always Content
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Black and White Beauty