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             Thea (pronounced Tay-Uh) is the daughter of Utrillo Oligarchia (sire) and Raynox Bright and Blissful (dam).  On her mother's side, Thea possesses the lineage of Junior World Champion Falleur's Singapore and has many wonderful champion Goldens in her family background, including Sweden's top stud-dog Jazzman's Da Capo.  On her father's side, you might recognize the name Utrillo Oligarchia, as he is also Moses' father.  This line is extraordinary, boasting many champions in both the lineage and the progeny.  Utrillo is a beautifully balanced dog with heavy bone structure that he has clearly passed on to both his boys and girls.

             Aside from her fabulous pedigree, Thea is an utterly delightful girl.  She is extremely tender hearted and exhibits the kind of temperament that has made such great therapy dogs out of her brothers and sisters.  She is both submissive and confident, ever eager to please her humans.  She has been raised in a home full of children and spends her afternoons outside playing with the many children in the neighborhood.  She is the kind of Golden who can stay off leash, as she never wants to stray far from home.  She is a family dog to the core and greets all people with a wagging tail and shining eyes.  She is simply wonderful.

             Physically, Thea has grown into a gorgeous girl.  She has a lovely cream coat with rich dark eyes and non-fading pigment.   She has a balanced structure and falls squarely within the height and weight parameters for a Golden Retriever.  She has a gentle face and like her brother Moses, an endearing silliness that emanates from her many expressions!

             In short, Thea is the quintessential Golden.  Loving, affectionate, loyal, beautiful and silly.  We are ever so grateful that she made the trek here from Germany and is a part of our breeding program!

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