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     We said good-bye to our sweet Tessa at the end of 2012 and it has been a difficult road ever since. She was an amazing girl and personified the English Golden Retriever (and actually, her creamy white coat is exactly why these dogs have been nicknamed English Cream Golden Retrievers - her coat was truly the color of cream!). When families email us for an English Golden Retriever puppy and describe their ideal family dog, Tessa was it. We had retired her from breeding and amazingly, lost her from complications during spaying. Simply awful. We are grateful beyond measure to have kept two of her girls (Callie and Georgia), as they resemble their mother in a profound way and have done a lovely job of carrying on her legacy. We can't bring ourselves to ever remove Tessa from our website, so we have left her description here for everyone to have an idea of what an extraordinary dog she was: When 9 week old Tessa arrived at our home, she studied us all very carefully.  Never making a peep, she just watched us intently with those intelligent dark eyes that are the hallmark of an English Golden Retriever.  She quickly discovered that her favorite place was in one of the five laps that beckoned her (many a battle was waged over who got to hold this darling, fluffy little polar bear!).  From the start, Tessa fit right in.  She was the sweetest, gentlest puppy, never biting or trying to dominate any of us.  I think that within hours of her arrival, Tess sensed that she was “home.”  She has been content ever since and we are so very grateful to have such a lovely addition to our family.  

Tessa boasts a fabulous English Golden Retriever pedigree, heralding from such famous English Golden Retriever lines as Ritzlyn, Xanthos and D. Beerse Hoeve.  Her breeding shows in both her temperament and her looks – she has grown into a gorgeous dog with a strong, blocky head and luxurious light cream coat.  She has a wonderfully solid build and fits squarely within the height and weight parameters for an English Crème Golden Retriever.    Her personality is simply fabulous – she is an extremely mild dog who would NEVER consider jumping and whose loudest noise is the whine of happiness she makes when being pet (she just can’t contain it!).  

Tessa is a deeply loyal girl and is quick to come when her name is called.  However, she does have one weakness:  chickens.  Much to our surprise, Tessa is a chicken slayer!  While Moses licks the chickens and Darby simply stares at them, Tessa is a machine – she chases them relentlessly until she captures them.  Yet to Tessa’s credit, she is incredibly obedient and immediately stops the chase if we are there to intercede on the poor chicken’s behalf.  (It’s actually quite humorous how quickly she rolls on her back in submission once she hears my voice!).  Though the chickens bring out Tessa’s hunting instincts, her desire to please us always wins out over her desire for the chicken.  It’s one of the reasons we love this girl so much!

As her puppy pictures reveal, Tessa is a girl who LOVES to get dirty but who cleans up better than just about any English Crème Golden I’ve seen.  While there is technically no such thing as a white golden retriever or English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, Tessa was very light as a puppy and has grown into the most beautiful cream color.  She does not have any gold in her, but is truly cream (she makes me think of the famous Dunn Edwards paint color, Swiss Coffee or Antique White).  She is absolutely exquisite.  

As a mother, Tessa has utterly thrilled us.  She is very calm and sweet during delivery and has proven to be an attentive, dutiful mama.  And her puppies.  Oh, her puppies!  Stunning.  They all possess great substance, wonderful blocky heads, lovely personalities and fantastic coloring.  People often email and ask whether we have any white golden retriever puppies, and a few of the puppies out of Tessa have been as close to white as an English Golden Retriever gets!  (And then ranged to the wonderful cream of Tessa’s coat).   While color certainly isn’t everything in an English Golden Retriever, I must admit being a little partial to the lighter coats of our English Golden Retrievers.  I think they are simply beautiful.

In short, Tessa is an exquisite example of the breed.  She is a gift to our family and we are so grateful to have such a special girl.  If you are fortunate enough to have one of her sweet, loving, beautiful puppies, we promise you will be blessed with an exceptional lifetime companion!

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