Family Testimonies
Nicholberry's Hollie Jolly Christmas

Hollie and Moses
Hollie Enjoying the Pool
Hollie Hanging with Moses
Hollie's Cute Face
Lovely Conformation

Hollie is the pick of the litter from our Roman and Libby litter and she has grown into a wonderful girl!  Sweet, friendly, gentle, and playful, we are thrilled with both her conformation and temperament.  She has an astonishingly white coat (I know, I know - there is no such thing as a white golden retriever, but this girl gets as close as I've ever seen!) that is amazingly soft.  She is very agile and athletic, but is truly a "house" dog.  This girl loves her people!  She is going to make a great Mama and we can't wait to meet the sweet, beautiful puppies she'll bring into the Nicholberry family in 2016. 

Hollie Enjoying the Sun
Hollie Free Stack
Hollie Looking for a Buddy
Jolly Hollie
Pretty Girl