Family Testimonies
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             Here at NicholberryGoldens, we have had great success with our foster program. It allows our girls to grow up in a family environment as a family dog, but also allows us to continue diversifying our blood lines and to bring in rising stars to our breeding program. Such was the plan with Maya. And then I met her.
             Maya arrived from Hungary when she was a little over one. While she was very quiet her first week with us, I expected that from a dog who just made such an enormous journey. I reminded myself that I should not get too attached to her, as she was not going to stay with us permanently. But the more I sat with Maya, and the more she looked at me adoringly with those gorgeous chocolate eyes, the more I knew I was in trouble!
             After two weeks, it was clear that we couldn’t let her go. Our entire family grew smitten with Maya and her gentle, affable, easy going nature. And I think Moses fell just as hard for her, as they became fast friends and the two of them are utterly striking together when basking in the sun or playing a rousing game of chase. Maya is now officially a member of our family and we absolutely adore her. She is a staple at local soccer games (I always feel like a celebrity, as an entourage of children follows behind me as I make my way to my son’s field). She sticks her nose in the sky and closes her eyes as they all fawn over her, hugging her neck and rubbing her soft coat. She was raised with many children and it shows in the way she interacts with them now – next to Moses, children are her favorite thing (well, children and maybe tennis balls!).
             Physically, Maya is stunning. She has great substance and structure and boasts a bold, strong head that though quite large, remains very feminine and pretty. She has an extremely flat, pale coat with virtually no wave or curl (much like Moses) and wonderful texture. She has an impressive pedigree, including the beautiful and influential Ashbury Angel Heart (grandfather on her sire’s side) and Swedish Champion DewmistSilkmarillion (on her mother’s side).
             Maya has become an integral part of our family and we simply adore her. She is always ready for anything the family has planned – whether it be a walk, a trip to the hardware store, a game of fetch or a lazy movie night. She is the quintessential Golden Retriever!