Family Testimonies
Nicholberry's Queen Of The Nile

          Our sweet girl Georgia is the daughter of Moses and Tessa. She has the same gentle ,kind, mild temperament as her Mama and the same biddable, easygoing , willing personality as her Papa, We utterly adore her!


          Georgia has a lovely dense coat with pale gold highlights down her spine and alones the edges of her ears. and she is so soft! She weighs 65 pounds and has a sweet, feminine countenance.


          She is quiet, patient girl who obediently does whatever is asked of her. while she enjoys watching squirrels and birds ( and loves to give chase when permission is granted), she does not have it in her to run off from her humans -  she lives for the praise that comes along with being such a good girl!


          We are delighted that Georgia has carried the line of her Mama so well and that her legacy will be continued in her daughter, who is one of our upcoming hopefuls. As for Georgia, She will be retired in the Fall of 2015 and will live out her years as a treasures family member in Los Angeles (along with her brother jack).