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Nicholberry's Jewel of the Nile

The beauty of a Moses/Tessa Pup...
Daddy's Little Girl
Loves the Mud!
A Great Little Shopper
             What a sweet little thing our Callie girl is! She is a beautiful blend of her Daddy (Moses) and Mama (Tessa), and we are so delighted with the lovely dog into which she has grown. She is a pleaser to the core, quick to make eye contact and eager to learn whatever we ask of her (thus, the treat on the end of her nose!). She is shockingly smart, sensitive and affectionate, always greeting us with shiny eyes and a wagging tail.
             Physically, Callie is a superb example of the breed. She has extremely dark pigmentation, beautiful cream coat, and a well-muscled compact structure. While the phrase English Cream Golden Retriever is a misnomer, I can see where it came from, as Callie is truly a creamy girl. She is a brilliant swimmer, exhibiting tremendous propulsion in her hind quarters and amazing endurance. She is also a fabulous fetcher, showing focus and obedience in her retrievals (not to mention a great sense of smell when we play hide and seek fetch!).
             We are also delighted with Callie's health clearances. She is clear on PRA and Icthyosis, and has a final OFA rating of "Good." Lastly, Callie is especially dear to us, as she is Tessa's daughter and in so many ways reminds us of our girl Tess (we lost Tess due to complications when she was spayed - it has been tough ...). Callie's pups have proven to have her same sweet, gentle, submissive nature and are the perfect combination of athletic and gentle. I often receive emails from people asking about Callie's pups and referring to them as white golden retrievers - her pups have been particularly pale with a striking black pigment. They are beautiful. What a blessing Callie is to our family and to the families who are lucky enough to have one of her babies!
Callie the Trick Dog: "I can't bear it!"
Beautiful Profile
8 Weeks Old
Learning to Retrieve Already!
Woo Hoo!
"What's Goin' On?"
11 Weeks Old
"Hmmm - I can see why Daddy likes this bench!"
"Could I get any cuter?" Callie
3 Months Old
"My legs doubled overnight!"
A GREAT swimmer!
"Wanna play fetch in the pool?"
"My boy Max loves me"
Getting more love from Max...
Swimming in the canal with the big dogs!
Lookin' just like Daddy... Callie 15 Months
Callie 15 Months
Always Smiling!
Swimmer Girl!