Family Testimonies
Sleepysong Shogun

             Roman typifies the English Golden Retriever. He is one of those dogs that when people see him, their first reaction is to suck in their breath and then exhale with an astonished, "Oh, he's beautiful!" It is almost as if they are appreciating a fine work of art. As English Golden Retrievers go, he is the most striking blend of perfect conformation, gorgeous coat and breathtaking head. He has bright, energetic eyes and jet black pigment set against a uniformly creamy, pale coat. Gorgeous!
             But perhaps most captivating of all is his temperament. Roman exudes happiness and affection! Whether we are at a dog show or the park, every person that approaches is one to be adored and welcomed. It is an absolute delight to take him anywhere, as his physical appearance draws people to him while his personality keeps their attention. He is pure joy.
             If you’ve read much on our website, you know that I am a huge fan of the Dewmist lines. Kennel Dewmist has played a tremendously important role in the world of English Golden Retrievers and I cannot speak highly enough of their dogs. Roman’s father was none other than InterCH EurJW08 Dewmist Dandy Knight – a dog who I followed from puppyhood and whose offspring I dreamed of someday owning. It took almost 5 years, but that dream came to fruition with Roman. What a blessing it is to have him as part of our breeding program.
             Roman is a very accomplished English Golden Retriever, having achieved his Junior Championship and then Championship in Serbia and his Championship at the Adriatic Cup in Montenegro. He exhibits superb angulation, a strong neck, and excellent bone. He has had a good start to his show career in the U.S., taking First at the Ventura County All-Breed Show. We look forward to continuing his show career and are grateful for this gentle, silly, beautiful addition to our family.
             As a sire, Roman has already proven himself. His puppies are absolutely beautiful, possessing the same kind of affable personality as their daddy and of course his incomparable beauty.