Family Testimonies
Nicholberry's Son of a Preacher Man

             Our boy Preacher is not only beautiful, he is an absolute clown!  He took the best traits from both his Dad (Raynox Inside Edition) and his Mama (Milbu Snow-Flake) and is a truly delightful Golden. 

             Incredibly athletic, we have never had a dog be so zealous about fetching.  Whether its a ball, a toy, a random log on a trail or a crumpled piece of paper, Preacher will fetch anything.  And he will fetch until he drops! It is hard to describe how much fun it is to take this boy to one of our local lakes and watch him surge into the water.  He is also the star of the soccer field, as he can get to a ball faster than Messi!

            We knew that we needed to raise up a stud to replace Moses, which was a daunting prospect, as Moses is about as perfect as they come.  Preacher is just the guy to fill his Daddys (very big) paws!  Physically, he has an athletic structure, excellent coat, beautiful expression, and jet black pigment.  He possesses a biddable and affable personality, with a sweetness that is the hallmark of the Golden breed.  We are delighted with the way he has grown and are excited to welcome his first litter in 2015.